1963 March on Washington in American History

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The march on Washington in 1963 was a protest aimed at resolving the circumstances faced by black Americans. The Blacks were exposed to numerous racially based social and economic unequal conditions, including workplace segregation, restriction of the right to vote, deprivation of their right to integrated schooling, and access to proper housing. The march could not be stopped when church figures and civil society arranged many demonstrations but bore no fruits that further angered the blacks to mobilize and protest to be held equally (DuBrin, 2016). The president vowed to make it work after several planned marches led by Philip Randolph, but later made little attempt to enforce the proposed reforms. The continued oppression fueled their desire to seek alternative cause of action to have involved policymakers act against their oppression
Technological Factors
Various technological factors played a critical influence on the occurrence of the 1963 march on Washington. Before the rally was held, the black Americans did not have access to any digital facilities as they were deprived of the right to integrated education. The poor living standards could not offer any chance for the citizens to acquire themselves high technological services. The African Americans sought their freedom and rights to access such facilities and developments that would foster their development. Another technological factor was the rise in television viewing in the country that made it easier for Black Americans to broadcast their oppression across the United States (Jones, 2013). These developments helped them attract followers from different states along in the mobilization of supporters.
As indicated, the media had grown extensively in the period and played a crucial role in highlighting the plight of the Blacks while staying optimistic about the expected outcome of the demonstration. It was evident that the press was eager to see changes and viewed this event as historic. The media was seen investing a high amount of resources and devotion in the Washington 1963 event which further helped Black Americans relay their concerns to the entire country (Jones, 2010). It was a historical event that covered the civil rights rally, and the press took it as an important in the civil rights movement.
Public Attitude
The movement made the march on Washington an extraordinary success in influencing public attitudes towards the oppression of the African Americans and their desire to have access to basic civil rights. The blacks were convinced that their rights to justice and equality would be addressed after swaying the public opinion. The action was viewed as a tremendous impact that brought the ratification of the constitution where a tax levied on voters and poll tax was outlawed. Since the enactment of the civil rights act, the employment discrimination has been a thing of past (Jones, 2010).
Political impact
The black Americans were discriminated along the political and economic lines. They experienced a political anarchy that did not recognize any black aspirant in the ruling government. There were attempts to frustrate the movement by the ruling leaders who never paid attention to the woes of the blacks (Jones, 2013). The black believed that this was a scheme to turn them into inferior minorities whose rights could not be represented. The movement influenced their political recognition as they gained the ability to engage in politics and other political activities in the country
Victim Impact
The 1963 Washington march was a success in changing the civil and political construct in the country. It pressured the administration to establish a strong federal civil rights foundation that had significant impacts on the lives of the African American population. The march created the basis for the establishment of the civil right Act which helped victims overcome the challenges and oppression they experienced through racism, established a platform where Blacks had access to employment with little to no workplace discrimination, and inspired people to fight for their rights and the need for equality in the United States.

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July 24, 2021

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