4th Grade Science Project Rubric

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This rubric takes into account the learning requirements and objectives to identify the winners of the science fair project on life sciences and health. The judges will use their professional expertise to assess which students best match the rubric standards. However, because the judge's verdict is final, only a few winners emerge. As a result, every student should be proud of their efforts.

The combination of life science and health is a recurring theme. The material is timely and relevant, and it provides practical solutions to real-world problems.  The topic has a definite purpose

 The topic has an indefinite purpose

 The theme has no relation to life science and health. It does not solve any problem



The problem is evocative and well researched. Its hypothesis is concisely stated in the “I think….then…” format

Hypothesis is just sufficiently developed and reported

It is somewhat expanded and partially stated

The hypothesis is not stated at all. The research is unclear


Background research

The study is comprehensive, where its ideas are concisely deliberated. It includes examples of health integration

It is many particulars with some examples of life science integration with health

Has some specifics with no integration examples. The students do not address all thoughts.

The research has neither particulars nor examples. It has unexplained ideas


Experimental design

The procedure is detailed and steps listed in a sequential manner. All materials are highlighted and safety precautions addressed

The procedure is sketchy. Steps and materials are highlighted. Safety precautions are not deliberated

The method is ambiguous and steps not. There exist few materials with no safety measures therein

Method is empty with neither materials nor safety measures explained


Data collection

There is a proper use of collection techniques. The methods are related to the project and appropriate trials used

Use of collection techniques with the proper use of trials

Use of irrelevant collection methods with inappropriate use of scientific tests as well

No data collecting methodology is used. No trials are executed


Conclusions are data supportive. There is an explanation of the rejection or acceptance of the hypothesis

Conclusions are data based, but there is an unclear reason why the hypothesis was overruled

Conclusions are slightly related to data. No reasons why the hypothesis was accepted or rejected

Conclusions are not data supportive. No reports about the hypothesis



A logical conclusion for the integration with health is drawn. It answers the hypothetical question with a real-world application

Only a logical conclusion of the project is made with partial explanation on the hypothesis

A reasonable conclusion from the data is made

Draws neither the conclusions nor answers the hypothesis




Judges’ comments

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