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Blue Ridge Spain Case

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Blue Ridge Spain Case

Blue Ridge Spain is a booming international coffee industry. The demand for coffee is promising due to the growth of niche markets and arrival of new consumers in current markets. The Blue Ridge Spain organizational managers have to lay down a number of strategies to ensure growth and sustainability of the industry.

Legal and environmental issues surround the coffee industry. The issues of human rights and production of sustainable coffee affecting its distribution are vital in the future growth of the industry. Coffee paradox features the world market (Athanassiou, Lane, and Wesley 23-42), the weak coffee in the exporting countries leads to the decline of the producer income. Legal issues should be instituted in the producing markets to ensure quality production of coffee beans. After the purchase, the organization should ship the coffee in containers that allow aeration.

The coffee industry is very competitive, the sector is second in demand after oil. The leading worldwide competitors include McDonald's McCafe, Lavazza, Tchibo, Segafredo, and Starbucks (Athanassiou, Lane, and Wesley 23-42). All of them have a competitive advantage and continue to grow internationally. Blue Ridge Spain should step up its competitive strategies so that it can remain in the market. The industry should look for success factors such as coffee shop concentration, ease of doing business rank, and use most attractive segments.

Proper management design and control should be followed to improve the performance of the industry. The manager should discuss hired consultants, negotiate emerging target such as opening new branches each year (case study). The manager should train recruits who are MBA holders to replace the mediocre directors, instill teamwork and use communication skills to amend the relations among the joint ventures. There is the need for accurate projection and evaluation of specific aspects of the market. The management should aim at increasing the growth rates now there are conducive market conditions.

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