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An analysis of current affairs:

Around the world reveals that extremism remains one of humanity's most important threats. Terrorism is, therefore, a heinous crime that results in the death of innocent people and the destruction of the land. Because of its fundamentalism and homogenization values, Islam is the faith that militants use to spread extremism in today's country.

Studies on homogenization of Islam:

According to studies undertaken by researchers, homogenization of Islam increases adherence to the teachings of Islamic figures, thus increasing the cases of radicalization of believers (Wright 1). Notably, homogenization of Islam eliminates any form of dissent that people can develop against a particular practice thus providing opportunities for extremists to mislead the society without any opposition. Also, fundamentalism, which is the strict adherence to a system of belief in Islam, enables extremists to promote terrorism in the community (Wright 1). For instance, a survey that scholars conducted in the society indicates that Muslims have a higher level of fundamentalism compared to other religious groups thus making the Islamic believers vulnerable to exploitation by extremists.

Counterargument against Islamic teachings:

As previously discussed, Islam is the primary cause terrorism among the society members. However, some scholars argue that Islamic teachings cannot be leading causes of terrorism. According to Shariatmadari (1), most of the teachings of Islam do not support violence hence an indication that Islamic beliefs do not condone terrorism in the society. However, the Islamist terrorists argue that they engage in terrorism to satisfy their religious obligations thus indicating that Islamic teachings propagate terrorist acts in the community.


To conclude, an examination of the social problems in the world indicates that Islamic practices are the primary causes of terrorism. As discussed in this essay, homogenization and fundamentalism in the Islamic religion significantly exacerbate terrorism in the society.

Works cited

Shariatmadari, David. “Should we blame Islam for terrorism?” The Guardian, 27 March 2017. Web. November 19, 2017.

Wright, Joshua D. "Why is Contemporary Religious Terrorism Predominantly Linked to Islam? Four Possible Psychosocial Factors." Perspectives on Terrorism 10.1 (2016). Web. November 19, 2017.

November 03, 2022

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