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A bagel shop

The aim of Bagel Shop is to have high-quality coffee and drinks for the satisfaction of our customers. The mission not only motivates our employees to have excellent customer service, but it also draws customers to our store. Our aim is to become the city's leading provider of high-quality coffee and drinks (DesJarins 18). The vision gives us chances to consistently develop the services we deliver so that we can eventually be recognized as the best coffee and beverage shop in the region. The business is based on ethical principles that stimulate the policies that all the employees have to adhere to so that we can realize our mission and vision as a coffee and beverage shop. The ethical principles have a customer centered approach that ensures that consumers of our services and commodity are given the first priority to ascertain the satisfaction that we perceive to offer (DesJarins 34). Our first ethical policy is to always be truthful with the services that we offer to our customers. We will keep the promises by opening the shops at the stated time and observing our promotional offers. We will also observe the ethics of fairness where the criterion of first come first serve will be followed to the latter. Our staffs will be passionate in attending to the customers and respond to all the complaints that customers raise as quick as possible. Above all the ethics, we will run the shop based on integrity as a way of improving and maintaining our profile in the city.
Our economic policy will be to ensure that we offer the services at prices that are customer friendly. We aim at ensuring that our employees receive adequate compensation for the services that they offer at the shop. With time, our target is to enlarge and avail more employment opportunities (DesJarins 56). Our environmental policy is to provide our services at a healthy and safe environment for our customers. Socially, we believe in giving back to the community and hence we shall take part in the community projects with adequate support. The due process of offering the services will ensure that our customers leave the premise satisfied and at the same time willing to come back for more.
We shall exploit the media services in advertising our shop, coffee and beverages. On every Friday, one of the four employees will be chosen to act as our salesperson whose mandate will be to promote the name and the services that we offer on one on one basis. Equal opportunities will be given to all the staffs on promotional terms. Our policy on recruitments shall be backed by availing equal chances to the applicants without discrimination of any nature (DesJarins 63). The best candidate shall be fitted the job so that we can realize the best skills out of him or her. We shall take affirmative action in mitigating any potential and real challenges that we may face from our competitors. This means that we shall adhere to the standards of the bureau and government policies that regulate sole proprietorship forms of businesses.
Our business is a small scale sole propriety that aims at offering coffee and beverages to the local consumers as at now. Nevertheless, we project to continually increase our scale of operation to that time when we shall be one of the biggest international coffee and beverage companies. It is then that we shall formulate international policies that will assure us more profit margins in our regions of operations. The services that we offer are standards and can highly be appreciated by foreigners who come to the city.

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August 18, 2021






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