A Book Review of What They Fought For by James McPherson

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A book review of what they fought for by James McPherson will help you decide if this title is right for you. It is a collection of personal letters and journal entries from those who fought during the American Civil War. The book is also available as a Kindle edition. Whether or not you are a history buff, this book will be an excellent addition to your reading list. I recommend it to all ages.

James McPherson's book

This Pulitzer Prize-winning work is an impressive scholarly work rooted in a highly accessible account of soldiers' sentiments. Although it focuses on the Civil War, it provides a compelling and well-researched account of the national trauma caused by the conflict. James McPherson's What they fought for book review summarizes some of the most important lessons from the Civil War.

This is an incredibly powerful and compelling book that is well-written by an accomplished historian. While many may think that slavery caused the Civil War, others may wonder how it was so terribly misinterpreted. This book explores the role of slavery in the era. It also shows the repercussions of slavery on the psyche of Americans. It also explains why people choose to fight for the freedom of slaves.

The prevailing belief about the Civil War is that soldiers were motivated by duty and honour. However, this belief has been disproved by the results of McPherson's research. In contrast, a contrasting view points out that soldiers who fought in the Civil War were motivated by religious faith and duty. In many cases, a soldier was motivated by his faith, not by his patriotic convictions.

Collection of personal letters/journal entries of those who fought in the American Civil War

The Perry Miller Papers are primarily a collection of letters written to Perry Miller during the Civil War by Camden, New York residents. Letters to and from Miller discuss homefront activities, conscription, and news about various battles. Letters from Chauncey K. Millions of the 122nd New York Infantry, Co. K, date from May 7, 1863, describe a Union-Confederate skirmish near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Another collection contains the personal letters/journal entries of people who fought in the American Civil War. Letters by Captain William LeRoy Watson of the 21st Wisconsin Infantry describe camp life and his time as a prisoner of war. Watson also wrote letters home to his family about his experiences during the war. His letters from the Peninsula Campaign describe his life in camp and his garrison duties. In addition, he described the fighting at Yorktown, Gaine's Mill, and Harrison's Landing.

Another collection of Civil War letters includes those by Frederick W. Van Eglofstein, a U.S. cabinet official who served on the Union Defense Committee and federal commissioner of prisoners of war during the American Civil War. Fish's papers contain papers of William E. Fisher, who served in the 17th New York Infantry, Co. D. In his letter to his wife, he complains about the political war.

Battle Cry of Freedom by Charles Glass

The book focuses on the Civil War era, and is subtitled, "The Battle Cry of Freedom." It covers all the major battles of the war, featuring the major officers on both sides, and looks at the politics of the years before 1861. It also discusses the aftermath of the war, and its ramifications for both the South and North. It is one of the best single-volume histories of the Civil War.

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