A Chat in The Most Dangerous Game

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A chat between Rainsford and Whitney is the most dangerous game. The two were aboard a boat bound for Rio de Janeiro when they became stranded in the Caribbean. Both began talking about an animal's ability to think about hunting. Rainsford said that animals are incapable of considering or sensing human movement. Whitney retired for the evening after their lengthy talk, while his companion opted to smoke his pipe on the deck. It was at that time Rainsford heard the sound of a gunshot and decided to swim towards where the gunshots were coming from. However, when he made it ashore, he slept. In the following morning, he started to investigate his surrounding, and realized that it was a hunter who was getting down an animal.

Young Goodman Brown

The young goodman down entails a narrative of a young man who went into the forest to meet a character who looked like a devil. However, on his way, he met a pious member of a village, and this surprised him since he contemplated that the member was undertaking the same errand. After reaching the venue that he was meeting the sinister character, he realized that the deacon, minister as well as his wife, were in attendance. He called out his wife and returned back to the village. Brown was changed forever by that incidence and finally died being a hopeless man. Brown`s journey to the witch is symbolic to what people go through in life. Precisely, each individual slowly loses his or her innocence and naivety after being exposed to envy, lust and greed. It is advisable for one to be satisfied with what he or she has in this life.

The Lottery

The lottery entails one of the historical and cultural undertakings of villagers in one small New England town. Precisely, the villagers gather and conduct the annual lottery, which is often full of happiness and celebrations especially among children. Apparently, there are few individuals who are given the mandate of running this festival such as Mr. Graves and Mr. Summers. Despite running this festival, these individuals have the role of preserving the rituals that have been passed down from one year to the other. However, there are some changes that have occurred in the last few rituals, and this made some old timers such as old man Warner to challenge the way these rituals were been conducted. Precisely, the old man laments that the rituals were at that time been characterized by loss of heritage as well as the prosperity and happiness of the town. Numerous families attend this ceremony in hope of preserving their culture and passing the practice from one generation to the other. The lottery is symbolic to numerous cultural and heritage preservation practices that are conducted by various societies across the globe.

A Worn Path

A worn path entails the path that was undertaken by an elderly and almost blind woman from the countryside to the city in order to buy some medicine for her grandson. Besides being almost blind, the path to the city was worn and rugged and since she had used to it for a couple of times, Phoenix managed to reach to the city. However, on her way, she demonstrated a lot of determination and courage and these qualities enabled her to overcome the numerous challenges that he encounter on the way. In addition, when she reached the clinic, she was treated with disrespect but she tolerated the humiliation in order to get the cure for her grandson`s condition. After getting the medicine, one worker gave her some coins as a Christmas gift. She decided to buy a paper mill for her grandson, which she thought would make her grandson happy. The story teaches readers concerning the importance of persevering hardships in life until they achieve their target.

How I Met My Husband

How I met my husband entails the story of a young lady Edie, on how she met the love of her life. Edie worked for a Peebles and this was the place that she met her future husband for the first time. precisely, a young pilot Chris, landed his plane near Peeble`s house and when Edie landed her eyes on Chris, she became infatuated with him. Edie and Chris became emotionally attached but there was one hectic challenge for Edie. Chris had a fiancé, Alice creating a love triangle. At one time, Alice appeared to Chris and Edie unexpectedly, and baked a cake for Chris. Apparently, Alice hardly contemplated that the cake she prepared for Chris was like a going away party. Chris eloped with Edie, leaving Alice behind.

The Guest

The guest focuses about a French man Daru, who lived in the Desert Mountains of Algeria and a teacher in one school in Algeria. At one time, Daru saw two men approaching his house, one riding on horseback (Corsican gerdarme Balducci) holding a rope that tied the other man (prisoner). At that time, Arabs were against the French government, and an uprising was on. Balducci instructed Daru to receive the prisoner and deliver him to the police headquarters at Tinguit. At first, Daru was reluctant to obey the order, but later accepted to take the prisoner. Balducci was offended by Daru`s reluctance, and after handing over the prisoner to Daru, he left in a sullen mood. After Balducci left, Daru welcomed the escape of the prisoner claiming that the act would relieve him of the demand that was against his will. The narrative aimed at sensitizing readers concerning the importance of doing what one aspires to do, despite of the societal demands.

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