A Comparison Between Collaborative and Command and Control Leadership

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The post is very useful and every leader can benefit from it if they get to read it. You have clearly explored the leadership techniques and how you can apply them in your current and future management style. I also did experience difficulties with the with the park library system when reading the article. Reloading the page all the time is boring and tiresome for me.

Like you, I would also like to learn the crisis management more I am too in the management position and having the skill is very important to help a leader solve workplace crisis. In addition to your argument, I think a leader should incorporate collaborative leadership to manage a crisis. Even if command and control can at a certain level be used to solve small workplace crisis, collaborative crisis management is more useful under stressful conditions. According to Ustun (2014), “leadership skills can be developed, and with this process, true leaders can be created from managers” (p.237). Therefore, a leader can develop both the collaborative and crisis management competence for crisis situations.

Lastly, I agree with the importance of courage in leadership Courage defines a leader. For instance, to employ the collaborative and adaptive leadership skill, one has to be courageous. It makes a leader influence teamwork, innovation, change and even to face any organizational and economic challenges. Through courage, a leader is able to lead by example, respect others, and make viable decisions, especially when faced with ethical and moral issues. The post informs every leader that through practice, training, and experience, a leader can develop useful skills which can make them succeed in every situation.


Ustun, Y. (2014). Collaborative Crisis Management in the Public Sector: Effective Leadership under Stress.

October 24, 2023

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