A Comparison of Mouse-Touch and Multi-Touch Interfaces

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Differentiate between the interaction types and styles that apply to multi-touch screens and applications running on them.

In defining applications, one must consider two primary interfaces of mythology which are: the multi-touch screen and mouse-touch screen. However, ways of utilizing the two interfaces differ due to the features installed in them. A multi-touch screen has an inbuilt UL which enables the display to be sensitive to a single tap, long tap, squeeze or a swipe. To issue a command, these activities are executed, and each command yields different results. Therefore, you can only use them one at a time (Zotov, Scott, Townsend, & Dodge, 2015). On the other hand, the mouse-touch Screen has features that enable it to work differently, for instance, two mouse catches and a parchment wheel. The two mouse patches are named differently according to their roles that is one is for right clicking, the other is for left clicking. However, two interfaces apply to both the mouse –touch and multi-touch interfaces that are the Fast Light User Interface Designer (FLUID) and the Windows Icon Menus and Pointer interfaces. They work in monitors with portable workstations that comprise of tablet mixtures. Enhancement of efficiency in operations of a screen and tablet additional tablets are incorporated which run an intellect android variant or the Windows RT version.

Determine the conceptual model that you would use when designing a product for your restaurant and describe the key analogies and concepts these monitors expose to users, including the task-domain objects users manipulate on the screen.

The most effective model to use is one with critical angels that is; it can be used in both the multi-touch and mouse touch system. Features of an effective model are the ability to utilize analogies and similitudes and ability to use the best analogy in interface application depiction. Majority of the interface applications are in the settled conceptual models’ light, for instance, a conceptual model in light of the core parts of the client experience in a shopping center is said to underlie many web shopping sites. As a result, items that customers are willing to buy are available therefore they can purchase if they are ready or wait until they are financially prepared to buy the items.


Users are presented with a set of instructions regarding the system. The instructions can be handled in various ways such as selecting options from menus, typing commands, voice commands and pushing buttons.


Users will be able to use speech to interact with the devices where they can present their queries and make orders and receive replies either by voice or text.


Exploring concerning touch-screen devices is where users traverse over a virtual environment and physical space. The virtual environments comprise of the 3-D environment. Users will be able to optimize their familiarity expertise and experience. 

In a physical store, booking of items can be allowed before payment is done. Pattern collection is currently efficient hence the outlining center value based procedures’ interface, and client experience is enabled because communication architect does not require to start preparation for design or when redesigning an application.

In systems of mouse- touch, and multi-touch, individual signals are not precise, and the contact area is of more value than a single coordinate of x y. In the construction of an application that uses a screen, it is important to rethink of whether its advantages overweigh those of a mouse-touch interface before starting the construction.  A mouse is more effective since it has a cursor which ensures a particular area is selected as required, unlike a fingertip which is used in operating a touch screen. Multi-touch interfaces, however, have their advantages for instance state multi-touch info have good procedures of information because they have several contracts from the mouse. Other advantages of multi-touch include making bimanual communication effective, enhancing regular bolstering of direct touches, giving numerous details, flexibility and supporting all the fingers as information (Hinckley, et al., 2016).

Describe the key analogies and concepts these monitors expose to users, including the task-domain objects users manipulate on the screen.

Users of these monitors get exposed to various key analogies and concepts including, ease of use, speed, and assistive technology.


The touch screen has been known to result in increased speed and execution of tasks. When a user picks up a computer mouse, they have to locate the pointer, adjust movements to match mouse acceleration before they can click or use it for their intended purpose. However, with the use of touch screen, the user can select icons directly, without having to worry about the need to translate horizontal mouse movement to the vertical screen one.

Ease of use

Touchscreen devices have the ease of use as compared to mouse-driven devices. Even though keyboard and mouse have been in existence for a long time, it is easier to navigate through the screen and touching the objecting rather than dragging using the mouse. Employees at the restaurant will be able to attend and complete a customer’s order quickly because they will spend less time unlike when using the keyboard to type and mouse to navigate.

Assistive technology

The design of this new technology is framed from a user perspective. Therefore the assistive technology on the touch screen will be of assistance to the employees in case they have difficulties navigating through the device.

The touch gesture aids in the manipulation of objects on the screen. For instance, to execute delete action, it requires dragging an icon across the screen or long pressing until delete menu appears. There are touch-based devices that allow for swiping the finger to select from a list, making navigation easy (Zotov, Scott, Townsend, & Dodge, 2015).    

Determine one (1) utility/tool in an application for touch-based and mouse-drive screens that should be designed with memory retention/recall. Provide a rationale for your response.

In a restaurant setting, recall/memory of orders is critical in preparation and delivery of orders to the customer. Therefore, the ordering system should be designed with the ability to retain and recall an order from a customer. The retained memory should consist of the time it was placed, preparation and delivery. Java applications is an application for touch-based screens that should have memory recall features. Despite the fact that the Java virtual machine is allocated to a specified amount of memory, it can, however, be expanded. The touch screen ordering utility application will use java as a human-computer interaction device with clients (Rogers, Sharp, & Preece, 2011). 

Employees at the restaurant will be in a position of responding to their customer’s queries, concerns or problems faced when placing orders via touch screen ordering platform. The improved features will increase customer satisfaction due to increased speed and ease of the ordering process.


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September 11, 2023

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