a detailed summary about the performance analysis of Anthony Perkins in the Movie Psycho

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The primary goal of this study is to provide a detailed summary of Anthony Perkins' performance in the film Psycho. Today's film industry is quite diverse: there are numerous genres and film categories. The film 'Psycho' is a horror film.

The film Psycho was released in the 1960s. Alfred Hitchcock was the one who produced and directed it (Bannash 54). It was one of the year's best-selling films. Anthony Perkins, John Gavin, Martin Baslam, Vera Miles, and Janet Leigh are among the prominent characters or actors in that book. In order to complete on this paper, focus will be given to Anthony Perkins and his performance in Psycho. For starters, Anthony is an American singer and actor who was born in the year 1932, April 4th (Pasin & Gulay 62). He was born in the City of New York. He died in 1992, September 12th in Los Angeles. In relation to the film Psycho: Anthony Perkins delivered one of the best acts. It is safe to say the fact that he was the best actor in that film.


The idea of the film is based on horror. In reference to the physical elements such as the voice, wardrobe and facial expression. There is a lot to be briefed. Facial expression is a very powerful tool when it comes to movies or films: Some expressions are important since they help the viewer to understand a hidden concept or meaning that an actor is trying to portray. Anthony Perkins can be described to have a very mean expression in the film. His facial expressions are very rough and fearing (Frow 19). Throughout the film, his expressions are expressed in a very cheeky manner. Most of Perkins expressions express cheekiness, doubt and fear. Generally, it safe to say the fact he brought out his role in a perfect manner when it came to delivering or conveying information using facial expressions.

Most of his wardrobe collections throughout the film are a pair of official trousers, a shirt and an official Suit Coat that he occasionally changes with a trench coat. Occasionally, in different parts of the film: he wears different types of Sweaters on a shirt and a trouser. I believe the main essence of this is to give the film an official meaning. The color of most of his wardrobe clothes are also dull in color (Frow 86). This enhances the concept of the film. Make up is also very important in films. A good example that can be used to explain on this case is the fact that make ups give meaning about a given person. In relation to the film Psycho, Anthony Perkins has a dull makeup appearance (Frow 12). His eyes and brows are very shady and dark. The main reason for this dull appearance is to create a Perkin Personality who is very scary and naturally fearful just by sight.

Anthony Perkin’s performance in the film is very strong and influential. He is one of the greatest actors in the 19th Century (Wetmore 29). His Portrayal as the character Norman Bates was very superb and unique. Based on my opinion, no one else would have done it better than Perkins. Psycho is his best performing movie of all times. This movie got him nominated for the Oscar Awards several times. The actor’s persona in reference to previous films and movies is very outstanding. Perkins could easily adopt any role regardless of the movie genre. In his previous films such as the Hitchcock: he brought out his personality in an outstanding manner which led to his nomination for different continental awards. The persona ‘Anthony Perkins’ informs his performance in a very significant way. His Portrayals and expressions are very unique and one of a kind (Seed 40). He has a good language command and powerful voice that makes him to be understood easily throughout the entire film.

Individual performance is very important when it comes to contributing the overall significance and meaning of a film. It is important for the lead actors to master and produce a state of the art performance in their roles. Anthony Perkins accomplished a good individual performance in the Movie Psycho (Bannash 18). His performance created positive reactions all over the World. This movie made him popular than before. Individual Performance contributes to the significance or overall meaning of the film since it helps the viewer understand what is going on without engaging their mind deeply (Pasin & Gulay 30). In this case, poor individual performance may lead to alteration of the intended concept that needs to be conveyed: it may also cause confusion among the viewers. Individual Performance in a movie is very important since it helps the viewer to understand the portrayals of different characters, their significance and meaning in the film as well. In reference to this type of performance, it is safe to say the fact that poor individual performance may affect the quality and meaning of the movie.

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