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I like to use my laptop. A laptop is a useful computer that can be used in a wide range of tasks to access information either on websites or by viewing shows directly with a TV card. A laptop is more intimate, and the programs I watch are limited to me. A laptop machine can be operated everywhere in public spaces, classrooms, and sports areas. I like a laptop, and I use it to watch my shows (Brown, 2013).
I enjoy watching a "Hope Channel" program called Hope Sabbath School. The software encourages me to read and comprehend the Bible more clearly. Several of my local friends to watch this program, the program also has subscribers internationally. The intention of watching this program is to grow spiritually and the bible. My particular purpose for viewing this program on my side is to get to learn the bible; others may have different intentions aside from mine.

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The Hope Sabbath school program has taught me that I have a special place in this world. Recently, after watching a series of the programs I have come to realize each person in this world came not by default and has a particular mission to fulfill before he or she finally exits this world. I have also learned through the Bible that everything in this world belongs to the creator who is our spiritual Father (Perse & Lambe, 2016). It implies that I can obtain anything I want in the real world since the creator is my Father.

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In Hope Sabbath school program, the discussion panel consists of people of different nationalities, races, ages, gender and various careers. The only similarities in the panel are that all are Christians. The program is aimed at bringing all human beings of all kinds together irrespective of their differences. The program is beneficial to the society.


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July 24, 2021


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