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Students discover that it is possible to determine the length of given items by using suitable instruments such as scales, yardsticks, meter sticks, and measurement tapes. Students may be able to choose appropriate instruments to decide the duration of items encountered in real-life scenarios.

Students recognize that suitable instruments should be used to quantify length.

State in New York Link with Prior Knowledge: In the previous lesson, students had learned about areas of a circle, square and rectangle. The teacher connects the teaching by first asking questions of the prior reading.

Key Vocabulary: Circumference-the distance all around a figure.

Length- the longer side of a regular figure.

Width- the shorter side of a regular figure.

Diameter-a straight line that centrally passes in a circle and touches the edges.

Materials: Blackboard marker, notebooks, pens, (textbooks) Longhorn mathematics Edition one.

Motivation: The teacher asks the students if they know any athlete and many of them say they hear the fastest athlete is Usain Bolt from Jamaica. The teacher then says that whenever an athlete makes a single lap on the track, he manages to cover the whole circumference of the field. The teacher then introduces the topic and sketches a circle, square and rectangle on the board. For the square and rectangle, he labels the lengths and width whereas, for the circle, he marks the radius and diameter. The teacher gives the students an opportunity to make their sketches.

Lesson Plan Procedures: After making sketches, the teacher explains that for a rectangle, circumference is obtained by adding the length and width and then multiply by two 2(L+W). The side plus side multiplied by two 2 (S+S) is the square circumference, C=πD gives the circumference of a circle. The teacher sketches a square with a side of 10cm and shows calculations on the board. He does the same for the rectangle and circle.

Medial Summary: The teacher writes more examples on the board. This time, the cases are more advanced, and each student begins the calculations. Students raise their hands after completing the calculation and the teacher checks. Some students are stuck, but the teacher manages to explain the calculations.

Differentiated Instruction: The teacher uses oral questions like, “A football pitch measures 100*100 Meters. Jane runs three times around the pitch, what distance did she cover?” “A bicycle tire has a radius of 35 cm, calculate its circumference.” The students calculate the given questions as the teacher helps them whenever there are difficulties.

Opportunities for Practice: The teacher issues more oral questions and puts the students in groups of three to discuss. Each team has the opportunity to calculate and explain some of the problems to the rest of the class. The teacher acts as the instructor and corrects them when there are difficulties especially when the questions involve the use of decimal numbers.

Final Summary: At the end of the lesson, the teacher asks random questions in which he selects one student at a time to answer. The questions are easy, and most of the learners do not need a pen to calculate, they just rise and give the answers. The teacher gives the students three problems to solve within ten minutes to check on their understanding.

Assessment: The teacher collects all the books to check on how the students have done their calculations. He also calls upon five students to explain what they have understood in the entire lesson. The students are in a position to state the three formulas learned. The class has 45 students, and 42 of them are unable to solve different problems concerning circumference. The teacher urges the remaining three to see him privately for a tuition session.

Classroom Management: The students pay attention to the teacher. They manage to sketch all the figures and making calculations. The teacher also has perfect management skills since he attends to all students and ensures that they have understood all the concepts taught.

Attention to Multicultural Issues: The teacher ensures that every learner has access to textbooks. Two students share a single copy in which instructions that do not do any calculations on the book. The class monitor collects all the books after the lesson. The teacher than thanks learners for their cooperation and urges them to continue reading their notes and practicing on some mathematical problems.

October 25, 2022

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