A Marketing Strategy and Methods

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The company recently inspected the vehicles it manufactures. The corporation made certain that their automobiles are very efficient and have low maintenance expenses. However, monitoring the effectiveness and cost of motor maintenance is insufficient to increase the company's earnings (Rallapalli, K. C., & Montgomery, C. D. 2015). Marketing methods that are effective are beneficial. The main marketing approach for each simulation game was advertisement and promotion of the company's products. The advertisement platform used in the company's marketing was traditional advertising channels such as outdoor advertising and electronic media. The company rose to be one of the biggest advertisement spenders in the region. The amount spent by the company in the advertisements could exceed the amount incurred by the Toyota motors in advertisements. The Toyota motors is said to incur more 435 billion Japanese yen in advertisements yearly. The advertisements majorly focused on the middle class individuals since they are the potential customers for the company.

Marketing strategy is the major tool used in defining the success of the company. The company had initially tried to market their products but turned out unsuccessful since it majored in the luxurious brands of motors (Solomon, M. R, 2014). Winning the trust of the customers plays a key function in ensuring that the company acquires significant amounts of profits. After the marketing strategies, the company realized 65 percent increase in profits on the new customers and 61 percent profits on the already existing customers of the company. The company has increased its number of sales through establishment of very may outlets globally.

The company’s focus on engaging their customers online for the past three years define their success in meeting the demands of their potential customers. The hard work of the marketers has ensured that the company realizes more profits than before. The profits realized with one year difference is almost twice the previous year. If the company continues to stay within the advertisement strategies, then there is a high probability that the company is going to realize about a hundred percent profit increase yearly. Company’s target in increasing the number of marketers as well as improving the communication with the potential clients help in helping the company to identify the specific interests of the customers that need to be satisfied. The company would soon become the leading brand due to the potential increase in its popularity within the region (Chari, S., Katsikeas, 2014). The introduction of various media platforms including the Facebook, twitter, and instagram makes the use of electronic media platforms effective in ensuring that the company products reach a broad number of potential customers. The platforms helps in updating the potential customers on the new brands offered by the company as well as convince them that the existing brands are all they need to ensure that they are comfortable. The platforms also update the clients on the prices of the products (Felzensztein, C, 2014). Therefore, the clients can know the exact amounts they need to ensure that they get the products that they need. The platform also helps in making the clients loyal to the company as they can note the transparency of the company. Accessibility and transparency increases the probability that the company is likely to get into business with the company.

Advertising items online is very effective in getting a larger market as majority of people spend most of their time on their phones. Facebook is said to have about two billion subscribers currently. Over a million Facebook uses are always online at any given time. The use of Facebook platform would mean that more customers might be convinced to try out the products of the company. It is important that an organization understands the perception of the public in order to know the direction to focus on (Breznitz, D., & Palermo, V. 2013). The messages from the company are meant to reach a great number of individuals including those who have never tried the products of the company. The messages are meant to convince them to try out the products of the company. The messages are meant to reach the potential customers as many times as possible and this raises their interests are results into relatively higher sales. The electronic advertisements can reach a great number of people through ads to various videos that are watched online.

The company would ensure that it relates with various bloggers in future to help it advertise its products. The bloggers are expected to allow the company to adveretise its products within their blogs and they are paid per cick made. The would also design a website that have various links that help the users to navigate through various products. The website can be grouped into various categories. For example through prices, or even models.


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