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Brent Harvey appointed as La Trobe University's sports ambassador

Brent Harvey, a well-known footballer, has been appointed as La Trobe University's sports ambassador. Brent Harvey, a retired North Melbourne footballer, will serve as La Trobe's ambassador for the next two years. Brent Harvey's counsel and the university's administration reached a deal yesterday to make him the sports ambassador. Brent Harvey has announced that he has fully approved his role as the university's sports ambassador. More information about this appointment will be sent to the media outlets later. Brent Harvey, an award-winning soccer player, has yet to comment on the appointment to the public. Together with La Trobe University's Vice Chancellor, Brent Harvey will make an appearance in a press conference at 1500 hours at the Tata Centre. His undisputable skills and achievements as a footballer are the main factors behind Brent Harvey's appointment to be the university's sports ambassador. This comes shortly after he publicly announced his retirement from playing in the Australian Football League.

Brent Harvey's football career

The former player for North Melbourne holds the record for playing the most matches as an individual in the history of Australian Football League. Brent Harvey played for North Melbourne for a very long time that is twenty years up to 2016 when he joined his current team North Heldelberg FC. Brent also played for Victoria team between 1999 and 2006. The striking star played in the Australian national team for eight years that is from 2000 to 2006. Before his retirement from the Australian Football League Brent had played a total of four hundred and thirty two matches for North Melbourne. As a sports ambassador, Brent Harvey will be in charge of coordinating both internal and external sports activities, marketing the university's sports activities, representing the institution on any issue or event that is sports related. Various sets of actions are expected from the students concerning the appointment of the legendary Brent Harvey as their sports ambassador. They have waited for the final decision on who will be their sports ambassador. The football champion is now expected to take sports a notch higher in the institution and create external links that can benefit the institution.

Achievements of Brent Harvey

The football star, Brent Harvey has made so many achievements since he started playing soccer. Brent was the winner of the Syd Barker medal way back in 2003 for being the best player in the North Melbourne's team. The appointed ambassador then won the medal twice more. He also won the Jim Stynes medal and he was the captain of the Australian national team in 2008. Brent Harvey gave North Melbourne its best win ever that is he scored three goals that enabled North Melbourne to beat Carlton. Besides being a very good player, Brent Harvey also nurtured so many young players and he is a role model to many. Brent Harvey has been a household name in the Australian Football League for over 20 years now.

Brent Harvey's background and family

The well-known football champion, Brent Harvey was born on 14th May 1978 at Preston in Australia. Seemingly, he comes from a family with a history of playing soccer. It is astonishing that Bret Harvey's grandfather, Bill Harvey also played for North Melbourne in 1948. Brent's brother, Shane Harvey equally played for two teams from 2002 to 2004 namely Essendon and North Melbourne. Brent Harvey was drafted by the kangaroos in 1996 after which he remained the all-time leader for all the games played in the club. The appointed ambassador has a young family comprising of one wife and their three children. With this set of skills and experience, we believe that Brent Harvey is the best ambassador the university can have.

Press conference and expectations

Following the appointment to be a sports ambassador at the university, Brent Harvey is expected to appear at a press conference in the Tata centre accompanied by the Vice Chancellor of the La Trobe University. The press conference is scheduled to begin at 1500 hours today that is 16th September 2017. It is expected that it is in this forum that Brent Harvey will make his first public remarks concerning his appointment as La Trobe University's sports ambassador. More details of the appointment are also expected to be highlighted during the press conference. The former North Melbourne player in the Australian Football League has been a sports ambassador before, therefore, he is expected to perform his roles very well. Going by Brent Harvey's achievements as a footballer, it is believed that he will take up his new role and deliver incredible results and improvement of the University as far as matters revolving around sports are concerned.



January 05, 2023

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