A Personal Goal Statement

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I expect to apply to Elms College for an off-campus Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree course in order to gain exciting prospects for my future career advancement. Earning a Bachelor of Science in Nursing would enhance my own professional profile as a Registered Nurse. My future career chances are dependent on obtaining positions as a nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, professional nurse specialist, or nurse practitioner. These job descriptions are supplemented by opulent compensation which should be compensated for as enhancements to my professional portfolio. I opted to apply for Elms College due to the off-campus degree completion programs provided by the institution for registered nurses with associate’s degrees since it would be compatible with my profession as a registered nurse. I was also able to review the course structure and curriculum which was reflective of the lectures from interdisciplinary faculty from various domains such as sociology, organizational behavior, statistical sciences and medicine. The curriculum could assist me in coping with the changing trends in healthcare service delivery. The off-campus degree completion program is successfully achieved through a structured education model which includes cohorts. These cohorts enable the individuals to proceed in a uniform sequence as an intact supportive group which can be a promising contributor to the development of my organizational behavior, teamwork and collaboration skills. Completion of the RN-BS program would also be accountable for the opportunity to complete two bridge graduate courses as part of the curriculum. Hence I would request admission in the RN-BSN off-campus degree completion program at Elms College due to the flexibility offered by the schedule and timings of the course alongside the diversity of disciplines that I can be able to practice during the course of the program.

Attaining the degree will be a major milestone to my career. I have stated my perception of BSN curriculum’s capabilities to teach extra skills apart from common clinical skills. The noticeable outcomes of the off-campus degree completion program of Elms College for my professional portfolio include:

Improvement in financial remunerations

Acquiring competence to offer excellent patient care

Eligibility for different nursing jobs

Minor competition in my nursing career

Therefore, I would like to apply for the RN-BSN off-campus degree completion program so that I will be able to accomplish a clear impression of my existing and future prospects for career development.

October 20, 2022
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