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To carry out transactions in moving, Bill needs a compatible and portable computer with at least four terabytes of internal memory. In addition, Bill needs an Android phone that allows it to install social applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook that facilitate communication and promote its company.
The best way to operate the computer hardware is through Windows. Bill can choose to install Windows 10, the latest user-friendly operating system, which is easy to use. The OS from Windows enables many applications to be installed which Bill needs to run well. Bill should have several accessories to maximize the use of his computer. For example, an external storage device so as to store data; he can use it in case he forgets to carry his laptop. The external storage can provide backup in case the laptop crashes or gets lost. Moreover, Bill should install Bluetooth and Wi-Fi adaptors so that he can share files and access the internet in order to share information online.

Bill needs to have a good understanding of how to use basic applications, such as word, excel, and access. Microsoft Word will help him type an official letter to his suppliers while Excel will let him compute various transactions with ease; Microsoft Access will help him create a database where he can safely store his business information. Bill can train in how to use Microsoft Office to sharpen his computer skills.

The cost of acquiring the technology and using it is not high since computers have become affordable. With $5000 Bill can purchase the equipment and spend $100 more to be trained on how to use it.

July 24, 2021
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