A Quantitative Analysis

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The realization of the many mathematical and statistical modeling approaches to dealing with difficulties affecting the modern corporate environment and the importance of quantitative analysis in management decision making are some of the most crucial ideas learnt from this course. The quantitative approach to problem-solving uses a number of characteristics, such as the use of quantifiable data to arrive at usable and comparative outcomes, evaluate the dependability of the data, and examine multiple options. In my professional life, I'll use these ideas to help me make judgments about my organization's investments, markets, critical paths, and suitable sales predictions.The course has allowed me to understand how I can use numerical data to make the most efficient decisions and predictions while maintaining efficiency in both the short and long-run. Additionally, the methods will allow me to reduce redundancies on the investments in my organization and as a business owner. These aspects can be achieved through a clear and elaborate examination of the different organizational variables quantitatively.

April 06, 2023

Science Psychology



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