A red, red rose

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When I first read the poem, I focused on the hopeful and optimistic sound because of the praise for marriage, pleasure, and the excitement of being a part of this specific feeling. In general, the atmosphere is upbeat and friendly. The poem may sound like a song, but I believe it compares love to the atmosphere of melodies. This made me want to sing or listen to love songs. According to the way the poet presents this poem-song to the young lady, new and long-lasting love will not change my circumstances. His emotions are likened to a song that soothes and cherishes the listener. The tone of this poem is uplifting and positive in the light of love. I can visualize the redness of the rose and the sea, and the sand.

Before I read it in detailed, I had an adverse reaction because of how little the diction was in the poem. This is because the author is seen to have a natural love and I felt as if he has too many sweet memories towards the young lady. This I noticed particularly the way he used the figurative language with the aim of showing how important his love was. For instance the title and the first line he compared love to the red, red rose. It had a feeling of connection that the red color and beauty showed passion and love. In other words, beauty reflects how vulnerable the rose is mainly the excitement that is felt in the first stages of tender love. The poem has also helped me create and see the red rose picture and the way it grows to maturity

October 20, 2022



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