A Reflection on Organizational Behavior

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Companies, big and small, are facing various shifts in the corporate climate in the new global economy, which necessitates strategic leadership and management. As a result, the ol-342 lessons Organizational behavior can have a major impact, especially on self-perception in the context of the new market world. The lessons taught me the critical role I play in an organization at various levels, such as client, junior, or senior employee. Prior to taking this course, I thought of managers as the most valuable people in any company. Apart from offering solutions, the managers are involved in decision-making as well as goal setting and management of the entire workforce. However, the lessons gained throughout this course changed my perception of the same. Managers cannot solely ensure the smooth operation of the firm. In fact, distinct approaches must be undertaken to ensure that workers and top management relate in harmony.

I can also differentiate leadership and managerial skills and elucidate on how both are intertwined to ensure organizational success. Another notable element is the fact that whether one is directly or indirectly involved in a company, they have the potential to alter how the organization operates. Firms deem customers as crucial; hence, take any feedback obtained from them seriously. From the course, I understood that organizational performance is dependent on the leadership and managerial skills employed. An aspect that I will add to my toolbox is the democratic leadership style. According to this model, employees have the platform to participate in the decision-making process. Also, this system makes the workers feel more comfortable, which translates to high productivity.

Overall, I am sharper regarding organizational behavior and how it affects the company stakeholders. The central idea of this course is that a scientific model can be used in the management of the workforce. It enlightens individuals on how to interact with the organization to ensure smooth operations. Therefore, by grasping the elements ingrained within this course, one can have a positive influence on the organization.

October 20, 2022

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