A Request for Proposal for Construction of Employee Wellness Center

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XYZ is a financial institution in the United States. The population of its employees has recently increased. With the large population of female employees in the firm, the available Employee Wellness Center cannot accommodate the employee’s children since their parents need to be closely connected for weaning and other care services at the free time. The firm, therefore, requires a new building to provide room for primary care service for nurses and physicians, sauna/gym facilities for males and daycare for the children. This is aimed at providing wellness services for all employees.

Our project

This project’s primary aim is to provide a procurement plan for the purchasing of the facilities, raw materials and other resources required in the building of the house. Under the procurement phase several considerations, examinations need to be carefully analyzed to ensure the resources and the contractual terms with the supplier will be successfully executed. The project will provide in exploring all aspects concerning the procurement of the material under cost-effective conditions to ensure company builds the house that will accommodate all facilities for Employee wellness.

Project Goals

• Build a house (Employee wellness center)

• Improve the working conditions of the employees by providing a house for their children and refreshment area.

• Identify a potential supplier of the raw materials for construction services.

• Save on the costs incurred to rent other houses outside the firm which is expensive.

The scope of work deliverables

Under the procurement phase, the project here is only limited to matters concerning effective purchasing of raw material to facilitate the construction process. This phase conducts market analysis, identifying strategic sourcing of materials, determining cost-effective contract and sign a partnership contract after collecting thorough information about the firm.


This indicates the activities and time for doing the activities to ensure all the resources are obtained within the stipulated time for the procurement phase. The Gantt Chart below shows the timeline for the procurement stage.


Technical requirements

The requirements for equipping the execution for this project are necessary since they determine the definition of project objectives and focus for successful execution of project activities. The technical requirements for this phase is funding for conducting all the activities and market analysis tools. Funding determines whether a project can be completed or failure to achieve project goals (Ika, Amadou and Denis, 105), the firm is required to be devoted in providing funds which will help the procurement team, search for the sourcing strategies, the right supplier and proposal to the supplier about the contract. Tools for data collection and market research must be availed including analysis of the internal company goals. Moreover, funding is required to help in identifying the strategic supply chain of the raw materials from the contractor to the firm. 




Evaluating internal needs and targets


Supplier market assessment


Supplier information collection


Select sourcing and outsourcing strategy of raw materials


Implement the sourcing strategy


Negotiate with suppliers to obtain winning bid


Implement the contractual supply chain




Criteria for selection

After analysis of selected suppliers, the contract will be advertised, and the contractors make applications. The winning bid will win the contract.


This is a request for approval paper which is aimed at proposing for a procurement of raw materials for the project of building the Employee Wellness center of XYZ Company. It includes the main highlights of the firm, the budget and timelines for project execution.

Work cited

Ika, Lavagnon A., Amadou Diallo, and Denis Thuillier. "Critical success factors for World Bank    projects: An empirical investigation." International journal of project management30.1         (2012): 105-116.

August 18, 2023

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