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Abortion is the unborn child's deliberate elimination. With different views from different groups of people and organisations, abortion is a very contentious issue. Former U.S. President Barrack Hussein Obama plunged American society into turmoil in 2009 when he declared that abortion rights in a democratic society must be protected. Barrack Obama's move drew a great deal of criticism, especially from religious sects who see abortion as an ethical and moral wrong, so it should not be accepted at all costs (Obama). There has been an increase in the levels abortion in the United States of America which some have been attributed to declining moral standards of the Americans. From a liberalism perspective, increasing abortion levels can be viewed as a reflection in mind set change and the level of looking at certain topics. Abortion can be an ethical or right depending on the circumstance, or reason why it has been carried out.

Discussions on abortion in most cases usually base on two main important stand points that is pro-life and pro-choice. Analysis based on prochoice assumes that ladies have a right to make a clear choice regarding their decision of carrying the inborn baby or not. On the other hand, a certain section of the population in the united states of America believe that abortion is equivalent to murder therefore its un justifiable at all costs whatever. According to recent research carried out on abortion in 21 states in the United States of America, for abortion to be carried out on women below the age of eighteen years, both parents have to be involved in decision-making. More so, in other thirty-eight states, most respondents required the involvement of parents if abortion is to be carried out on a minor (Levay et al.).

Therefore, basing on the available research and evidence on abortion, abortion is an acceptable unjustifiable expect in an avoidable circumstances that can be assessed by medical practitioners or legal experts as analysed below.

Cons for abortion

Abortion is a violation of a fundamental right and freedom of the in born baby. It should be noted that fundamental rights and freedoms are inherent and not granted by the state or anyone. The right to live must be enjoyed by everyone regardless of whether he or she is still in the fetus or not. The natural laws of justice and equity strongly support this claim. An analysis based on the holy books of most religious sects like the bible, Quran among others clear prohibit murder where abortion falls. For instance the book of exodus chapter 20:13 clearly prohibits murder .Therefore as, a human rights fundamentalist I regard abortion as illegal, heinous and unjustifiable (Levay et al.).

In addition in relation to the laws of rebirth abortion is an acceptable, according to the laws of rebirth, Ego is part of God, and is entrusted with all divine tasks. The idea of divorce when connected to the laws of rebirth is a clear indicator of a high degree of materialism and selfishness that is being expressed by man through terminating the life of the inborn child, the teachings of the bible and occult science clear state that the inner spirit of a person is eternal and thus immortal. Therefore abortion, denies the existence of the outside body of an individual thus prohibiting him or her from the enjoyment of the universe to enable him get the necessary experience to progress into another world. Therefore, the promoters of abortion violate the spiritual laws that govern the earth and at one time will be subjected to judgement.

More so, abortion causes psychological trauma among the culprits .women engaged in abortion have high chances of committing suicide compared to their counterparts who don’t participate in abortion. Research carried out indicates aborted women have a 154 percent chance of being involved in suicide. The partners of aborted women also have high chances of suffering from anxiety and depression related complications. Abortion its self is self-haunting once carried out and in most cases results in a permanent effect on the life of the individual, which may be very difficult to reverse (Okonofua).

Pros for abortion

The agitators of abortion rage that it is legally wrong for a given section of people to impose their own beliefs or values on others. Every individual has a right to privacy that is guaranteed to him by the constitution. In addition, in the past in many countries like the United States of America illegal abortion was the major cause of death of most pregnant women, therefore to some extent pregnant women were being denied a right to live that is provided by the constitution. Therefore the legalising of abortion has to some extent reduced such cases.More so, on the morality aspect abortion is not morally wrong. The absolute stand point against the murder of the inborn child to some extent is unacceptable. There cases where abortion is the only solution for saving the life of the pregnant woman. According to research, most abortions are carried out in the initial stages of the pregnancy around 91% of them and the rest that occur after that period are done for health reasons. Therefore, restricting or prohibiting abortion may not provide a viable solution (Okonofua).


In conclusion, abortion is ethically and morally wrong and therefore unacceptable since it contradicts most laws regarding the universe like the laws of God, the constitution among others. In addition, it is the main factor behind promiscuity, increased cases of sexually transmitted diseases, cancer and other forms of immorality and thus an acceptable in amorally upright society. But however under inevitable circumstance it may be useful for instance in cases where it’s conducted for health reasons.

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July 24, 2021

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