About Accidental Investigation Techniques

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The most typical response in the event that an accident occurs at work is to look for the offender. However, it's crucial to understand the different actions that must be taken in the event that an accident occurs at work. Responding to the victims first by providing services like first aid is the first step. By doing this, there are excellent odds that any already worsened injuries will be lessened. The second phase involves acquiring information about an accident scene and ensuring that important data is gathered. In case an accident occurs at a commercial location, the situation is then made public (Oakley, 2012). It is important to release the scene as holding might cause some unnecessarily financial damage. Performing analysis which aids in making a conclusion on true happenings as cause of an accident is established. Sharing findings is the most important step as potential causes of an accident are established. The last step is making necessary changes to a given problem.

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In different places of work, various accidents are bound to occur as daily activities are completed. In the event that an accident occurs it is important to ensure that accident findings are presented to other members of staff. The report helps in making members of staff aware of potential hazardous situations. Staffs are bound to put various issues into consideration which aids in preventing future accidents. In big organizations, it is important to communicate findings of a given accidents as it helps save cost. In the event that an accident occurs, an organization is liable in ensuring all costs are catered (Oakley, 2012). Communication of accident reports to other members of staff is bound to save future cost incurring accidents. It is hence important for organizations to ensure that accident reports are shared with other members of staff.

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The newest addition in accident investigations is accident trending. Accident trending is said to be the process of using a database to analyze accident trends and find out what areas, jobs, tasks, or programs are having the most accidents and why. It is important to use accident trending because it helps reduce occurrence of accidents (Oakley, 2012). It is possible to identify the main causes of accidents while using accident trending. The other advantage of using accident trending is easy analysis. It is possible to record the number of accidents that occur in a day within specific areas. Accident trending also plays a huge role in improving safety of employees in a given organization. It is possible to identify the weak points that exist in the process making a given area safe. It is hence important to note that, accident trending is an important addition while dealing with accidents.

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In the event of an accident, the first step is offering first aid and then compilation of a report. The report writing process has various steps that one observes although I feel Complete Corrective Action Plan is the most important step (Oakley, 2012). Once an accident occurs, various elements of evidence are collected in a bid to establish the root cause of a given problem. It is from the various pieces of evidence collected that it becomes possible to make changes. Complete Corrective Action Plan is important as it helps save future expenses. It is possible to also save lives in future instances as various loopholes are mitigated. An organization has to seek ways through which Complete Corrective Action Plan is communicated to the whole group.

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In a hospital, there are various documents that one is required to fill in the event an accident occurs. One of the most crucial documents that one fills is the accident report. An accident report includes details of a patient in case an accident occurs. In most cases, occurrence of an accident is viewed by various witnesses. It is the minute details on events such as the cause, time and other important details about a given event. Information collected from accident reports plays a vital role in case one seeks insurance claims.

The other important document that is used in case an accident occurs is the accident forms. In the event that an accident occurs, an accident form is used to fill in important details about an injury (Oakley, 2012). In places of work, supervisors are tasked with filling important details about an injury. The two documents are important in the process of dealing with an accident although they have different uses. The document is important as it can be used in making insurance claims also as part of evidence.

In the end it is clear that, accident reports and accident forms have different uses although very crucial in case of an accident. In the initial stages of an accident, it is important to use an accident report as it captures all the events that led to an accident (Oakley, 2012). It is hence important to ensure that one understands the various documents used in case of an accident. The situation and use of a document is critical in determining which document to use.


Oakley, J. S. (2012). Accident Investigation Techniques. Edison Park: American Society of Safety Engineers.

February 22, 2023

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