About Canterbury Social Media Consultancy

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The business name is Canterbury Social Media Consultancy and it will deal with handling individuals and businesses that are looking to use social media as a marketing tool. As a firm, we are aware of the growth social media is giving businesses in terms of competitive advantage and our goal will be to help organizations and entrepreneurs to align their objectives with the right social media. The mission of the firm is: To help you explore social media in a more profitable way. The industry the business falls into is that of consultancy and a further competitive analysis to include the PESTLE analysis will be delivered in greater length.

Part 2

In regards to the firm’s SWOT analysis, it can be concluded that it appears to have more Strengths and opportunities such as the growing demand for social media usage as a marketing tool. However, we cannot ignore some of the threat as increased competition thus a deeper analysis of this will be broken down in the report. The objective of the business is to not only make a profit out of the services it renders but to help businesses, both local and global, to fully harness the potential that social media has to offer. Its marketing objective is to create awareness and a strong market presence. The segmentation it is likely to use will be psychographic because we want to appeal to the activities and interests of our target population. Furthermore, we are also aware of the psychological aspects that go into looking to explore a platform such as social media for positive impact to an organization. Lastly, the positioning the organization is likely to implement will be that of ensuring quality. Basically, we want to deliver services that are superior, meet client’s objectives and deliver results.

Part 3

For the integrated marketing mix, Canterbury Social Media Consultancy will take into consideration the 7Ps of marketing which include, place, product, people, promotion, place, processes and physical evidence. In the marketing report, these will be explained and a conclusion drawn as to how they all integrate to develop the perfect marketing mix suitable for the organization.

Part 4

The controls and evaluation are necessary to help with goals and objectives, schedules and most importantly, monitoring results of the plan. This will be a detailed metrics and targets tables with schedules and desired results.

May 02, 2023


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