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Childhood sexual abuse has been linked to borderline personality disorder. According to the findings of the study, most women are routinely molested as children. According to Murray (1993), the violation of a girl's will at such a young age results in the girl developing a mistrust of men, resulting in role confusion and the formation of many identities. Thus, the link between MPD and childhood sexual abuse has been demonstrated, demonstrating that more than 90% of MPD cases are associated with CSA (Murray, 1993).  Through examination of the retrospective reports, Murray (1993) notes that the incestuous abuse, especially intra-familial abuse that is closer to intercourse have been known to be of greater impact to the victims, and if the victims fail to disclose the necessary details, they run away from home and engage in either prostitution or substance abuse due to post-traumatic stress besides the borderline disorder.

The presentation of the statistics like the data on self-injury, regressive behavior, and the psychiatric behavior provides evidence of the heterogeneity of the study forming a key strength of the research (Murray, 1993). Further, the study examines the possibility for means to help the victims and outlines the recommendations on steps to be taken against the perpetrators. However, the focus on the qualitative approach to the study fails to provide information from primary sources and therefore increasing the likelihood of biases in the data collected from secondary sources. Moreover, the study is directed towards the female abuse and mentions less information about abuse to boys.

Conclusively, the heterogeneity in the data used allows the researcher to view the information from different perspectives (Murray, 1993). It is, however, necessary for future studies to include primary data concerning to sexual abuse among boys to relate it to the rate in girls.


Murray, J. B. (1993). Relationship of childhood sexual abuse to borderline personality disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and multiple personality disorder. The Journal of psychology, 127(6), 657-676.

April 26, 2023

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