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Culture refers to the general attitude, values, beliefs and customs, which distinguish different human category. It is spread across generations through organizations, literature, traditions, languages and artifacts (Hood et al. 77). Different cultures have diverse beliefs in the family and, thus, their histories establish specific characteristics. A family is a community of people related by consanguinity, affinity or by co-dwelling. A system is defined as various interrelated elements that work together to achieve a certain objective.

The basis of future training is development and early learning. A child will most likely display the virtues that parents inculcate on them (Hood et al. 79).  For instance, under the documentary, Hattie is born in a hospital, which is well-equipped (“BABIES – Official Trailer”). According to the culture in which she thrives, children are born in hospitals. The health centres in the society have adequate facilities. Bayar’s culture does not condemn children bathing out in the open, and it has become normal (“BABIES – Official Trailer”). He has adopted this behaviour out of habit, and according to them, there is nothing wrong with it.

From a very tender age, both Hattie and Bayar have been subjected to the customs of their culture from birth, and slowly, they have absorbed it. As they grow older, they conduct themselves by their culture, as compared to their formative years. Culture is important in every community, because it defines what is morally right and wrong. Adherence to culture enhances cohesion and understanding between people in the same community which is important to ensure that the heritage of a given populace does not fade away, thus encouraging continuity (Hood et al. 80).

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