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I have long wanted to be in a role where I am self-sufficient, and the provisions in this career are likely to enable me to achieve my dream job objectives. In my application for this role, I am sure that I would succeed if given the opportunity due to my outstanding decision-making abilities. I hope to use all of the opportunities available to me at any given time to make the most educated decision that will match my personal interests with the goals of the company. In fact, I look forward to maximizing on my strengths and weaknesses in ensuring that in all situations, I am better placed to make informed choices that will not only inspire my colleagues but will enable me to gain the experience to thrive in many challenging circumstances in the future.

One important trait I have learned to nurture in settings where there is a diverse team of colleagues and workmates is the art of sharing information. I have a long history of making sure that I capitalize on the massive and varied ideas that present in a group setting to help in tackling a particular situation. Ever since high school all through my college education, the skills have enabled to solve my academic challenges. As an employee, I intend to utilize the strength of interacting with people to share on the problems that the company could be facing at a given time given the need for a consensus. I believe that together, the team can reach an amicable decision that will be fulfilling. I, therefore, intend to make use of a team-leader mindset in resolving problems as I believe that working as a team is the key to individual and group success.

I am also motivated to apply for the position because I believe that despite my weakness of being a perfectionist, I can still be of value to the team and the institution. Since I joined college, I realized that I would always try to ensure that my assignments were the best in the whole class as I would engage in tireless corrections and editing. I realized that it is, however, a weakness after my colleagues asserted that I was a nuisance as I used to engage in constant editing of group projects. Over time, I realized that the qualities are straining because I always strived to ensure that I get the best. However, as an adult, I look forward to staying within the limits of perfectionism and use it for my personal growth while avoiding the chance that it would annoy others. I, therefore, look forward to making use of my motivation, persistence, and determination to succeed as the driving factor in decision-making as it would enable me to work tirelessly for the best outcome for the company.

I would like to stress that as I believe that the company’s primary assets are the team members, I hope to be a productive member and an addition to the team and become an asset for the institution. I am inspired to build on my interaction skills in gathering ideas from my colleagues in reaching the soundest decision. Thus, despite the fact that I am a perfectionist who has gotten me into conflict during my thorough tendencies, I intend to stay within my personal limits to ensure that the weakness comes out positive for the company.

November 03, 2022

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