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In her short stories, Flannery supports the arguments of passion and faith. The short tale Revelation tells the story of an elderly woman and a teenager. The accusation is based on an assault on the woman by the adolescent, who yelled at her to go back to hell (O'Connor 195). Based on their conversation, the old woman believes and affirms that the voice speaking to her is that of Jesus. The old woman advocates the view that God talks through dreams, and that the glimpse he got of the ideals of those who believe themselves righteous might just as easily be burnt. Faith, through the character of the old woman in the account, is a form of belief in an imaginary being and the voice of a person unknown to her. Faith, based on account of Flannery in the short story, further indicates that a more superior nature, God, has the power to shake the righteousness of human, as the humans do believe, with the intent of enabling the human to know themselves better (Wood 134). Furthermore, O’Connor advances the understanding that God is unseen. Trusting in a being that is unseen is a measure of faith.

The theme of love that transcends the story is based on the biblical account of salvation. Still, in the short story of Revelation, Flannery puts through the argument of the souls matching higher towards the heavens. Heaven is used in the text to mean the ascending into a better place for the human soul (O'Connor 197). Heaven is also used in the book to suggest wellbeing for the human race and salvation or all. Faith is also brought about by the self-belief that measuring herself by God means ignoring everything that she is not and having a positive realization and ambition of suffering to receive grace.

Flannery affirms that she is a Roman Catholic and is conscious of what is happening within the society. The self-consciousness and arguments of the issues that are facing humanity from the religious angle are the love that Flannery extends to all humankind. Therefore, the church should not igni9re the suffering humanity and instead spread their love to the terrible world and offer them the direction that they need in life. In the account of a Goodman is hard to find, love is presented as an illusion by the old grandmother who says that the argument of a good man is vague (O'Connor 12). The grandmother espouses that a reasonable man would not shoot a lady, thus, the affirmation that love needs to understand beyond the personal feelings that humans may have.

However, it is difficult to reconcile the account of love, as advanced by the author and the violent tribulations that result from the human race, as affirmed by the author. Love ought to protect all human and ensuring that what befalls humans is for their good and no destruction. Therefore, the argument on faith comes out sharply from the text Revelation as opposed to the theme of love. Such is the affirmation that the non-theological reader may establish from the text. Flannery is on record, in her letters that the grace of God is what can heal the human, but, only after cutting with God’s sword. Such may lead one to question the concept of love is a pain is also involved.

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December 15, 2022

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