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About Leadership


With the many advantages that accrue, I would like to be a lawyer in the future. The legislation was required in order to provide the basis for the laws under which the business works. It, therefore, influences all facets of the lives of people and is therefore of interest to study. The skills I will learn through the studies will give me access to legal careers in the field as well as other fields such as the police service that are relevant to law. Lawyers are excellent professionals who help us to interpret laws and enforce them effectively. The decision to study Law is propelled by a number of reasons. I have always been curious to understand how the society is organized and how the rules that govern it are formulated. Being a lawyer will put me in a position to solve this puzzle and improve the existing regulations on human behavior. Ensuring that people get the maximum benefits out of their citizenship and avoiding state’s negative sanctions is another reason to pursue law. I will be able to offer legal advice to the local governments, civil service, administration, and politics. I also aim at inspiring other students who would want to pursue law by providing them with the necessary tips to make them outstanding lawyers.

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Studying Law requires one to enjoy working with words. To perfect on this, there is a need to spend ample time reading legal materials, making a clear analysis, and effectively applying the knowledge in the right context. I possess good skills in written and oral communication which I am working to improve on in order to construct arguments that are clear and well-reasoned. Besides, logical thinking, the desire to solve problems, and having a good eye for detail are paramount. I believe to possess these skills which will help me succeed at becoming a good lawyer. I also have the capacity to think independently which will assist in the critical evaluation of the existing laws and suggest where reforms would be necessary. 

April 02, 2021




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High school

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