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Until taking on new leadership positions, prospective leaders should be prepared. Companies do not believe the newly elected officials would blend in naturally. While some leaders automatically adjust to their new roles, others can fail to learn the ropes, resulting in costly mistakes down the road. Attending workshops, teaching, and mentorship are also examples of training. Preparing a leader improves their leadership abilities while still allowing management to accomplish the defined goals within the time frame specified.

As a boss, I must have called all of the stakeholders and introduced them to our new manager. While at the meeting, I would remind the employees of the code of conduct expected of them and the repercussions that result from being defiant. It would be important to also remind the employees of the importance of teamwork and cooperation to meet the company’s objectives. The meeting would also highlight the milestones that the company has achieved as at that time and the setbacks that it seems to be facing over time. At that juncture, I would stress the need to apply new policies that would challenge our conventional way of operating, in line with being competitive in the business world. It would be necessary to detail the new manager’s achievement, to enable the staff to appreciate the leadership traits in him. I would at this time allow the new manager to address the team members, explain his expectations and the arrears that he will be focusing on.

The meetings will not only raise awareness of the repercussions of not respecting and obeying the new rules but also be a reminder of the direction we are taking as a company. I would, however, mentor the new manager by holding several meetings with him and welcoming him to the leadership world. In particular, I would allow him into my leadership journey so that he could learn from my mistakes as a leader. I would also organize a leadership conference to allow him to learn from other managers and hence horn his leadership skills. Most importantly, I would apply an open door policy within the company.

Specific Traits and Behaviors

Effective Communication

Indeed, being appointed as a manager in an organization raises one’s adrenaline level, a factor that affects performance. Learning how to communicate to the junior employees, however, sets the pace for any leader, and it also determines how the staff will respond to his directives. Communication is the backbone of any good leadership. Established leaders have over time learnt how to communicate with their colleagues with assertiveness. The appointed manager, therefore, needs to work on their assertiveness and firmness. While addressing the junior employees, it is necessary to ensure that one’s tone and facial expression reflects on his seriousness. It is, however, important to balance between being uncivil and being stern. The leader should be able to command respect from the colleagues and still get things done efficiently. Employees can detect a meek manager. Such employees are likely to be defiant and even rude to the new managers.


Although the new manager is relatively young compared to his colleagues, being confident can turn over things and enable him effectively manage his new team. The new manager should learn how to be confident especially when approaching the junior staff. Confidence results from mastering the company’s activities and mission which can be essential when guiding the employees towards a common goal. It is important therefore for the new manager to understand the journey that the company has taken to get to their current state and fit into the shoes of those that have been there before. Despite facing opposition from the team member, the manager should be calm and restate his position showing an unwillingness to negotiate for his decision. Putting one’s foot down not only commands respect but it also ensures that there is accountability for all the work done.


The appointed manager seems to lack courage which hence makes him a pushover. If he were indeed courageous, he would have keenly explained to the colleague the need to change her working approach and firmly indicate that things have to be done the new way. Indeed, the manager should understand that some individual traits made him outstanding hence being chosen as a leader. Learning to accept one's flaws and strengths give someone courage which is radiated in the way one presents themselves at the workplace. The manager should study the staff members, their strengths and weaknesses, so that when he is addressing them, he can refer to their attributes. Employees who realize that their managers closely monitor them are likely to be responsive and considerate to their directives.

Dealing with the Situation of a Group Member Who Refuses to Act on Suggestions for Improved Performance

Insubordination is intolerable in a company, and it would hence be significant for the employees to be reminded of the importance of respecting the appointed leaders and airing their issues in a professional manner. As a leader, I would not accept condescending behaviors from the managers or rudeness from the employees. I would summon the group member and remind her that insubordination is unacceptable in the company and demand for an apology for the same behavior.

Type of Leadership Development Program

I would recommend professional training from an independent party that has specialized on equipping good leaders. It would hence be appropriate to enroll the new managers to their respective schools to gain a professional certificate in leadership. I would also register the new managers for leadership conferences where they can learn new skills from already established leaders.

The Most Important Areas to Address

• Self-confidence and learning how to conduct oneself as a leader.

• Financial management since it is the backbone of any organization’s success. A good manager must learn how to efficiently allocate the scarce financial resources within a firm for maximum output.

• Communication skills which are very vital for any prospective successful leader.

• Managing work stress and workload.

• People skills to enable the manager to foster good personal relationships with the team members.

• Learning and managing growth at the workplace.

• Strategic planning and the benefit of focusing one one’s strengths and potential.

• Project management which can assist companies to deal with any unforeseen and repetitive projects.


The scenario mentioned above can be well managed with the right policies put in place. Appointed managers should be guided on their roles before assuming the new positions. The management should organize regular meetings within the firm. The meetings should address the responsibilities of all employees and address concerns among the employees. The employees should also be given time to adapt to the new management.

October 25, 2022

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