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The goal of this essay is to help us understand the current status of mobile banking and determine the advantages of using a smartphone as a direct marketing tool. The article specifically examines the value of mobile marketing and how more individuals are drawn to it as a successful company strategy. The report also highlights how MMS and SMS have benefitted business, as well as how advertisements are made easier through mobile devices, which supports business growth.

Mobile marketing is the practice of conducting marketing operations using portable devices such PDAs, smartphones, and tablets. This type of marketing mostly uses the current mobile technology to boost its functions; the modern mobile technology includes customer's location, tailor marketing operations and location services (Andrews & Smith, 1996). Some mobile marketing is the same as advertising that is done through using of electronic such as voice messages, text and graphics. Currently, text messages being the most used way of mobile marketing which is followed by the search engine. Therefore, we want to research how this mobile marketing has influenced business activities. It is also significant in examining the potential and the upcoming changes in mobile marketing and its advantage towards the success of the business (Haberland & Dacin, 1992).

Importance of Mobile Marketing in Business

Mobile marketing changes business and it gives access to more online customers with various demand for different goods (Fagerström & Ghinea, 2010). Currently, a large number of people can access the internet by using mobile phone relatively than desktop or laptop. Features in the mobile help user to get in touch with the world at any time form any place.

Due to the increase in the number of individuals on the internet, mobile users graft a radical tendency in marketing part which is called mobile marketing (Fagerström & Ghinea, 2010). Therefore, mobile has more importance in business, the first influence being there is an availability of quick services rendered at any time because most of them are looking for the services that are provided and can meet their demands anywhere and can be easily reached. For example, a company can call a user through mobile marketing techniques as well; a customer can send a feedback quickly and easily (Fagerström & Ghinea, 2010).

Secondly, mobile can be easily carried to anyplace which becomes the favorite gadget to be used in e-shopping during free time.

Thirdly, through MMS and SMS marketing there is the rigorous change in marketing. Users can get offers and discounts as well they get notifications concerning sales via MMS or SMS.

Another importance, since Google is making search index built on mobile search instead on the desktop, it makes easy for mobile owners to get notified and searching through using mobile devices becomes easy to send and get business contents (Haghirian et al., 2005).

How Mobile Marketing Improves Business

For the business to be able to use mobile marketing, firstly there is need to identify the business need so to enable in implementing mobile marketing, this will have great success in the business since it will have the already market. It should acquire conventional objectives and business goals (Haghirian et al., 2005).

The campaign of mobile marketing should lie in line with the tactics that are used by the business. Therefore, it's an essential element in the firms' process and practice. Business is required to understand how buyers live their lives and gather information which way they use in communication with other business and among themselves. By determining the requirements of the business, favorable mobile marketing will be used and develop the mobile marketing plan so to make the business successful; a business organization should find the market changes and factors that affect it (Haghirian et al., 2005). This will results in the improvement of the business activities since customer's needs are taken care of, and the company can use the mobile marketing appropriately and where applicable to ensure the large volume of sales.

By taking care of the customer's location, messages of marketing can finally be twisted to offer the best service that is required by customers (Haberland & Dacin, 1992). It can provide practical solutions to the local searches. Thus, mobile marketing facilitates the implementation of the background aware and advertising which makes it more personalized for the customers.

Mobile marketing promotes ethical behavior and protection of the privacy rights of individuals involved since mobile phones are allowed in opting out or canceling out the deal (Haberland & Dacin, 1992).

Thought the introduction of E-commerce, people can buy, deal and sell goods and services without any physical contact (Haberland & Dacin, 1992). This improves the economy of the countries around the world since there is less amount of money involved in this kind of business, for example, there is no transportation money. Technology has enabled the financial institutions in locating their potential customers and helps them in solving their problems that may arise during the time of carrying out mobile marketing (Haberland & Dacin, 1992).

Mobile marketing links many customers globally to its dealers; producers can cut the role of intermediaries which gives the opportunity to deal with the customers hence there is the direct contribution from customers about their preferences and opinions of their product (Andrews & Smith, 1996).

Mobile Marketing Tactics

Most people are taking more of their time on the internet by the use of their mobile phones. Therefore, it's essential to change strategies so to attract more people through the internet. Because of this change, more people are enforced to use mobile marketing strategy (Burson-Marsteller, 2010). Every business should have a crucial place in mobile marketing or else will positively affect business. Business can be improved by adopting techniques of mobile marketing and advertising.

By installing the updated apps in mobile phones, it will enable to get the latest techniques that will allow facilitating marketing through the mobile device; the updated apps act as a way of attracting more people and are likely to receive and get informed of any current issues on the business (Burson-Marsteller, 2010).


In conclusion, there are some crucial reasons why business should engage in mobile marketing. The most significant importance of mobile marketing is due to the use of spatial data; this makes mobile mediums to be more powerful in marketing.

As we looked carefully, mobile marketing reduces the number of resources that are put in place to support this kind of marketing, in most cases; they don't depend much on the power of the dealers to deliver. Instead, they use mobile marketing which has permitted business to participate in going ahead to supply chain and undertake more control.

It's clear that mobile marketing has already spread roots deeply because more consumers have adopted mobile phone and research has shown that this makes the central part of their daily lives. It should show marketers that by engaging in mobile marketing have positive result in business.


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May 17, 2023
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