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Oprah Winfrey is a 63-year-old television mogul who was born into a low-income family and was raised by her grandmother (O'Connor, 2012). Elkins (2015) states that Winfrey was born in Mississippi and received a scholarship to East Nashville High School, from where she went on to the university. Winfrey learned a variety of skills through her schooling and social life, which aided her progress in a variety of fields. Winfrey, in fact, is an entrepreneur who owns and operates many companies in the United States. Furthermore, Winfrey hosts many shows in the public media industry in the United States, increasing her presence over Americans and people around the world. Winfrey has various qualities that have significantly elevated her position as a business leader in the USA and the world as a whole. One of the prominent leadership qualities she possesses is philanthropy (O'Connor, 2012). Winfrey’s support towards assisting many people in the society has enhanced her influence within the community. For instance, Winfrey has built a girls' school in South Africa. The learning institution in South Africa and other philanthropic activities have helped in improving the manner in which people perceive different business ventures across the world.

The effective leadership strategies that Winfrey possesses also emanate from her integrity traits, which she displays in every public forum or business venture (Goudreau, 2010). The public often requires leaders to demonstrate appropriate qualities that are helpful to the development of the nation. However, people lose trust in leaders who do not display the need to enhance the social and ethical developments in the society. An examination of Winfrey’s leadership qualities, especially concerning her businesses indicates that she is ethical in her operations and is committed to ensuring that people do not engage in activities that critically impede the progress of the society (O'Connor, 2012). For instance, Winfrey showed discontent when some people indulged in destructive activities towards the image of the school she started in South Africa.

Business leaders also prosper when they have sound relationships with their employees and other stakeholders in their companies (Goudreau, 2010). In essence, workers in an organization are the personalities who execute various duties thus the success of a firm depends on them. An analysis of Winfrey indicates that she recognizes the efforts of her workers and encourages the employees to perform their duties efficiently. Consequently, she (Oprah) has managed to expand her businesses to various parts of the USA and receive substantial revenues. Besides, Winfrey's healthy relationship with the government and other regulatory agencies has played a critical role in enhancing her success in the business sector (Elknis, 2015). One can deduce that the sound relationship, which Winfrey has developed with various stakeholders in the corporate sector, has played a critical role in her career as a businessperson.

Winfrey also prospers as a business leader because she has effective communication skills (Elknis, 2015). As a leader, it is important that one possesses appropriate communication skills to give proper directions concerning the duties or responsibilities of the subordinates within a given time. For example, excellent communication skills help a leader in reducing errors and in turn improve the relationship between the business administrator and the subordinates. The effective communication ability a leader possesses also helps in attracting customers. In particular, Winfrey's excellent communication skills contribute significantly to solving her client's problems thus increasing the latter's satisfaction (O'Connor, 2012). Such effective communication abilities are attributed to Winfrey’s good educational background and the kind of career she pursues. It is evident that the elementary education that the Winfrey received was sufficient to help build her communication abilities. Besides, Winfrey's experience in the mass media has assisted in improving her socialization skills (Elknis, 2015).

Winfrey has also been successful in her business leadership activity due to the effective plans she initiates (Elknis, 2015). An examination of Winfrey's leadership strategies shows that she often develop effective plans before engaging in a particular activity thus reducing her chances of failing to achieve her set goals. In particular, Winfrey co-founded Oxygen Media after conducting an extensive analysis of the consumers' needs. Finally, Winfrey is a hardworking person who ensures that she steers her programs to success and achieve her set goals (Goudreau, 2010). The industrious nature Oprah displays have resulted from her humble background. Analysts posit that Winfrey's family was of low economic status hence she developed the need to work hard and initiate positive changes in her life.

To conclude, Oprah Winfrey is a successful entrepreneur in the US and has significantly worked towards improving the welfare of the society members. As discussed in this research paper, the personality mentioned above has prospered in business leadership because she is hardworking, philanthropic and ethical in her business practice. An examination of Winfrey's history also indicates that she thrives because of her healthy socialization skills. Oprah Winfrey is an African-American who has managed to initiate changes that have critically improved the lives of others in the society.

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