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Several considerations are difficult to track over the course of a project. These causes can, in most situations, slow down the project planning process while still increasing the project budget as steps to counteract them are sought (Wiener, 2006). Some of these considerations are internal, and others are external. In reality, these elements can be divided into two groups (internal and external). Internal considerations include time, efficiency, team member teamwork, mission organization, complexity, budget, and risks (Wong, 2007). Environmental or weather-related causes, on the other hand, are examples of external factors. Project managers, as well as other members taking part in the project, are requested to pay attention to such factors for successful project completion. First of all, they should purpose on adopting and promoting teamwork spirit. Secondly, they should try as much as possible to work within the scope of the project. This includes putting time and budget of the project into consideration. Lastly, there is the need to at least try and focus on some of the common environmental factors that usually alter the development course of a project (Williams, 2017).

Part Two

A project can attempt to control creativity in several ways. To begin with, a project will attempt to control creativity by centralizing the available creative requests. In this case, the project purposes to focus on one creative idea of the very options coming from various directions (Stuart, Maynard, & Rouncefield, 2015). A good example that supports this idea is in the case of a software project where all the creative requests presented by several software designers are centralized, and one is selected for development. Second, identifying a project manager who will manage and monitor every activity of the project is another way of controlling creativity. Project managers have always proved to be worthwhile, for example, in production industries where they manage and monitor every aspect of production (Collins, 2017). Making the members understand the scope of the project (time and task), as well as setting project expectations with creative briefs, are seemingly other ways in which a project attempts to control creativity. For example, making a system developer understand the scope of the proposed software as well as the associated expectations.


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