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The textbook "Public Speaking Project" highlights the authors' perspectives on various areas of public speaking and conversation. The writers' thoughts and concepts are expressed in different ways in chapters five and nine. This paper will go through some fascinating facets of Chapters 5 and 9 of the book "Public Speaking Project."

"Tramps like us, boy, we were born to fly!" and "I never forget that we are sowing winter wheat, which other hands than ours will harvest and enjoy," say the writers, Tyrone Adams and Bonnie Jefferies. Bruce Springsteen and Elizabeth Candy Stanton wrote the song. Bonnie Jefferies cherishes the aspect of laying a basis for others to excel and benefit. He believes that does not prefer the point of being out front performing. Moreover, he believes the roles the performers undertake are meant to enable the students to learn from the aspects of communication portrayed, as such he underlines the importance of focusing on communication issues such as the choice of the topic, speech and performance construction. His favorite quote reflects on his goal for ensuring the students are bound to benefit from the activities carried out by other people.

The prospect of grading essay than speeches underlines the importance of proper articulation of ideas to a given audience. Statements offer a better view of varied things as compared to articles. Warren Sandman believes that speeches are bound to reveal a person's opinion in a better way as compared to essays. Moreover, the statements bring out an accurate reflection of a person's ideas and expressions with regards to a particular issue. The love for expressing ideas and opinions in a livelier manner underlines the importance of speeches as compared to essays.

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