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Shirley Jackson was an inspiring writer who inspired many people to cultivate a passion for technology by demonstrating the different ways in which a person can use technology to carry out several tasks in life. Shirley A Jackson has important histories in the poetry industry that other authors in her profession do not have. She was, for example, the first American and the 18th president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as the first American woman writer to receive a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Nonetheless, these accomplishments serve as a motivator for a person to continue achieving his or her life goals. Regarding the aspect of further research practices, she is known for a series of inventions in a society like the creation of telecommunication inventions. She was profoundly interested in the best ways that an individual can use in passing communication/ information and receiving feedback. On the other hand, this writer has a series of witchcraft books on her shelf, making her have the interest in joining these acts during her first years in college. It can further be summed up that Shirley was an adventurous woman during her time in school and after graduation in the year 1940 along with her husband, Stanley Edgar Hyman.

The writer had an interesting life as she was pursuing her education. The act of spending a year out of college demonstrated the level of determination that she had when she headed back to class. Additionally, it is believed that when she was out of college, she suffered a serious depression that could have forced her out of education and find other activities that will keep her comfortable. Her best friend from France also had a significant influence on the practices of minimizing the level depression that she was suffering from as they spent the majority of their time in the cafes other than heading to class.

Her journey to success will also always stay with me as it offers a motivation factor that will keep me searching for more. People that maintain a particular level of patience will always enjoy a particular level of success in life. Conclusively, the aspect of continuous research activities will create a given level of exposure and innovation opportunities that will shape our lives.

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The use of works cited plays a key role in the aspect of;

Showing the reader that thorough research has been executed

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The application of research activities will create a particular level of confidence to a reader that they are using reliable pieces of information about that topic. Therefore, limited aspect of doubt can be generated by the reader regarding the credibility of the content.

The context of providing evidence acts a channel that the reader can use when in need of interpreting the information that has been used in the paper. On the other hand, it can be used as a quick source that the reader can use to attain the quoted statements.

Works cited is an aspect of responsibility. The reader can then say that the information that has been used belongs to a different individual and has been included as supportive ideas to the discussed topic.

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