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In many ways, social relationships can promote health. The connection between people can lead to relationships being gained by those involved. Processes such as biological processes influencing physical wellbeing are involved in this. The social support can minimize health issues including blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, constructive talks may be held to reduce the physiological arousal to establish a physiological process. This can be seen in couples married for a long time. However, the social relationships can also have a negative impact on health.This can be through stressful relationships, which can lead to heart attacks and blood pressure complications. This can also bring about the mental health problems. Conflicts and brutality can affect the health. When exposed to bad social relationship the chances of disease recovery are minimal and slow

Perlin’s stress process theory is a combination of the three conceptual domains. That is stress source, mediators of stress and manifestations of stress. Negative and positive social relationships can be connected in this theory. Their impact on people involved such as health problems. At first, the source of stress should be identified. This is either through cultures, structures or even boundaries. Events are linked to stress and chronic life events.Therefore, in mediating this stress, social support and coping are of much value. Stress manifestation can be regarding behavioral expressions and emotions. Both positive and negative social relationships go through this process .there is need to evaluate what cause the stress, what to be done and the manifestation in the case of negative social relations. For positive relationships. The impact resulting from social relations should be evaluated, the outcome it has and the benefit it has on an individual.

Social relationships have different effects on health at various stages of life. In the youth stage, adversarial relationships with family lead to mental health disorders and stress. The changes in physical outlook cause stress, this should be taken care of through counseling. The middle group also faces challenges in life such as lack of jobs. These challenges lead to diseases such as high blood pressure. The adult experiences marriage relationships issues which result in stress. Continued strained relationship leads to the mental problem. Older adults also face the challenge in the social relationship. Diseases that are associated with old age strike causing their life to be full of stress. Lack of support from family leads to persisting health problems.

July 24, 2021

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