About Students with Severe Emotional Disturbances

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Students with Emotional Illnesses and the Challenges Faced by Teachers

Students with emotional illnesses can provide teachers with significant difficulties. On the one hand, schools are unable to treat certain mental problems, unlike hospitals. However, due to the need for confidentiality in the aforementioned situations, particularly when it comes to medications that may have an impact on a student's behavior, it may be challenging for a teacher to comprehend the reasons behind a student's demeanor and to react appropriately whenever such situations arise. The academic and behavioral norms may simply not apply to students with emotional illnesses. IDEA guarantees that such students have access to free and appropriate public education but within the least restrictive environment (Cancio, Albrecht, & Johns, 2013).

The Inclusion of Students with Emotional Illnesses in General Classroom Settings

The inclusion of individuals with SED in a general classroom setting may not be the solution. Parents need to acknowledge the fact that the problem is real for the betterment of their children. The notion that only those whose cases are severe can receive special education needs a withdrawal. Besides dealing with emotional problems, students have to cope with critics and judgment from the other classmates, teachers, and adults who don't understand their condition. They will hardly ever be treated as the rest of the people.

Special Classrooms for Students with Emotional Disorders

Persons with emotional disorder need special classrooms where they can receive particular education. However, teachers who already deal with ED students need to employ motivational strategies in the face of negativity from the school. They must maintain fair treatment of all students and reward positive behavior without suggesting that students with disorder are being favored for their weaknesses. All classroom activities and rules have to be simple and clear promoting positive interactions with the rest of the students.


Cancio, E. J., Albrecht, S. F., & Johns, B. H. (2013). Defining administrative support and its relationship to the attrition of teachers of students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Education and Treatment of Children, 36(4), 71-94.

February 09, 2023

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