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The play starts with the protagonist begging the Lord for great mercy and wisdom in his exile. The wanderer aloud thinks about all the difficult events of his childhood, including seeing the parents murdered and slaughtered in front of him. Wanderer will think in solitude and loneliness of the circumstances that have taken him into this situation. Wanderer acknowledges that he cannot share the knowledge he has in his heart with others.
Wanderer claims that honorable men have the right to preserve their own secrets. Moreover, He believes that by keeping all of his feelings inside himself a man will never escape his destiny. The Wanderer gives an example of himself. As a result, of the ultimate loss of his Lord some years back, he is exiled from his country. Wanderer had no friends in his life, and he desired for comforts and happiness; however, he was not successful in finding a companion and friend to share with his story. The Wanderer relates his narrative to his audience, proclaiming that individuals who have experienced exile life will appreciate why they become lonely and solitude. The most interesting thing about the play is the ability of the author and director to organize the best props for the drama.
The selection of the stage props was an interesting aspect of the play as it created the real atmosphere for the poem “Wanderer.” From the first impression, the title of the drama is catchy, and when I was attending the event, I placed my expectation high regarding the performance of the drama. The Wanderer gives a perfect reflection of what people who are in exile go through when far from their motherland. The Wanderer is one of the most recognized and disparagingly-debated Anglo-Saxon plays in the world. Since the poem is among the most difficult to decipher for various reasons, therefore, attending the event would enhance my understanding of the poem. The difficulty associated with interpreting the poem makes it intriguing to the readers as well as the audience. The poem itself changes from individual experience and general advice. Besides, there is an eluding metaphor employed by the author of the play to emphasize the interrelationship between Christianity and paganism.
The overall visual effect of the drama was attractive and reflected on the atmosphere portraying the theme of the actual poem. Besides, the visual effects created the background for the play and to modify the live action. The visuals effects also helped to create a melancholy tone that is a common feature of most Anglo-Saxon poems. The author of the play employed a variety of symbols and metaphors such as lone-dweller to refer to Wanderer, memories swim sway, varied with snake-shapes are all example of metaphor I noted in the play. What was irritating about the event is the fact that the play regularly changed from individual experience to a general view of the readers and audience an aspect that made the event intriguing to understand.
The artist was trying to communicate the life experience of those is fugitive. These people live in isolation avoiding any contact with the public for fear of serious consequences. The Wanderer is a former warrior who escapes from his country after the death of his lord who recently died. He ran away from his home country for fear of being killed and slaughtered by the public. His solitary life makes him recall all events that transpired while still living a normal life amidst other citizens. As a result, he is in search of a new Lord to help him overcome his lonely life this endeavor makes him roam all the other regions. Life is a multifaceted journey; however, the presence of close friends whom we can share with secrets can make life comfortable.
Additionally, life in isolation makes life unbearable and create the worst experience with those we may meet in future. Therefore, the play closely relates to the events and life experiences that any person can go through in the society. The Wanderer leaves in complete isolation with no family or close friends to share his life hurdles, emotional, and secrets which directly affect his life. Consequently, the artist has managed to achieve the goal of his work in the drama.
In my opinion, the play The Wanderer has intrinsic value to the audience.
The drama attempts to take the audience through the life of those living in isolation condition. Solitude among most individuals in the society is one of the major effects causing sorrows and mental disorders. For instance, the loneliness of the protagonists makes him whine every time about his sorrows. The drama portrays the life experiences that fugitive, as well as loners, go through, affecting their mental life development. Additionally, the author of The Wanderer takes the audience through a depressing condition that the protagonist experienced during his solitude. However, he makes a move towards the end of the story to find the meaning and cause of his suffering. He believes that his grief is so much greater than just his life experiences.

All the involvements concerning life that he goes through are a collective experience that any humankind goes through in their ordinary lives. The wanderer drama attempts to exemplify the experience that an individual can go through in life particularly when they live in solitude. One of the greatest key learning points an individual can accumulate from the play is the move taken by the Wanderer to resolve the issues within himself; actually, this kind of step is one that most individuals make in the society today. For instance, I have always wondered why bad things transpire in the life of good people in the community, and why good people are the ones often suffering among other questions. By seeking the answers to these issues am probably striving to find the meaning in suffering. The artist of the play has used various elements available in the original poem The Wanderer to create the best stage for achieving the themes and metaphorical development of in the play. The use of additional props to the play setting further improved the overall effect of the visual aspect of the wanderer.

October 26, 2021

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