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Writing is one of the most thrilling things a person has ever done. Writing encourages one to chronicle an experience and to do research on a topic that may be of interest. The technicality and the pleasure of writing also rely on the quality of the writing that needs to be done. Types of writing that I sometimes do include doing assignments, writing streams of thoughts that I appear to have in my personal diary, writing on topics, and referring to the tasks that my colleagues have completed. The main motive of writing about the school assignments is to research the topic or question and have an understanding of what I have been tasked to write about by the tutor.

When I know what I need to write about, what comes to mind is the sources that I have to explore to find out more detailed information on the research topic. Quality research requires one to conduct in-depth research on a given topic and writing a detailed analysis based on the findings of the study carried out. The first train of thought is the need to have quality writing that is pleasing to the audience who are intended to have a feel of the writing and to gain positive feedback from the given audience who go through my paper. While writing, the first step is to formulate an outline that I will use in exploring the topic that has been set under research. Each aspect of the research framework constitutes a sub-topic that I am to use in the study. Each sub-topic is examined independently and in coherence with the other sub-topics of the study.

Writing successfully requires one to have the mental preparedness to write. The mental preparation for writing is often indicated by setting to the task of writing when one feels the urge of writing something or the moment that an assignment has been issued in the classroom. Procrastination is one factor that could slow one down when writing and may further make one feel lazy. Beginning o write based on the time that has been stated above grants one the opportunity to conduct critical and in-depth research and to organize the information that one presents in the paper. Beginning to write early further enables a person to review the outline and to develop a draft of the research paper that he or she is working on in writing process. The draft is the second stage of writing that is often critical as it enables one to gauge of the writing answers to the instructions or the intended writing that he or she had set to accomplish in the writing process. When one begins to write early, the time allowance that one has during the study enables him or her to correct the mistakes and to develop a final draft of the paper that could likely to be free from errors. Additionally, developing a draft early enough enables one to share with the tutors and the peers on the nature of writing and to receive feedback before the development of the final outline that is set to be used in the study. Writing does not need to be delayed. However, one has to break the writing task in stages and set the timelines that he or she has to meet in the writing process to deliver a quality paper or a quality writing based on a given topic that has been set under investigation. The difference between a goof paper that has been written and a shoddily written work is the level of preparation that the author has undertaken before making a decision to participate in the writing process.

The best time of the day to write is the morning hours. In the morning, the mind is fresh, as one has not been fatigued by any tasks. Additionally, there is little disturbance in the morning, thus, setting an excellent ambiance for one to study. The right place to write is in a quiet area, preferably the library since there are resources that one can use in writing, and the ambiance is conducive to writing. Lighting is also of importance in the selection of the venue that one needs to use for writing. Natural light is preferred as it does not irritate the eyes. The preferred sitting position while writing at the library is the seat and table that is close to the window.

Posture is also important when writing. One needs to sit upright to avoid hurting the back. When writing it is important to concentrate on the task that one is writing about until its completion. When the writing process is rigorous, it is recommended for one to break down the writing job in parts and take short breaks before proceeding to the next topic that ought to be covered. I prefer using a computer in writing since it saves work that has been written and further grants one the room to edit a given piece of work before the presentation of the final draft of paper. When working on a complex writing task, then I prefer first using a single ruled paper and a pencil to develop the outline that I the follow in writing the final paper.

When writing, I prefer putting off any music and avoiding any form of eating to enable me to concentrate. However, I often carry water to sip when writing. Additionally, I tend to write when my spirits are high as it allows me to focus on the project that I am undertaking. I feel relaxed when writing since I know that the real work that I develop is to help many other people in writing better papers, thus, the satisfaction in writing. I feel relaxed when writing since writing is something that I enjoy doing. When writing, I also tend to gain knowledge from the various sources that I read to come up with the final paper that I am to present to the tutors and peers.

Finally, when writing, I tend to develop three drafts. The first draft is done and reviewed me myself then corrected. The second draft is reviewed by the peers or the tutors to create room for the development of the final draft. I edit both the first and second drafts based on the feedback from the papers. Additionally, I critically proofread the final version before printing or e-mailing to the target recipient. The changes that I make are related to the comments from the peers and the grammatical mistakes that are identified in the course of writing. Other changes that are often made in my writing are related to the work mechanics and the sentence structure.

October 12, 2022

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