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Advertisements are used by businesses to sell their products to the public. In today's world, the industry is inundated with various types of advertisements used as marketing tools. As a result, the rivalry is projected to be steeper than expected, and unique tactics are being developed to counter the dynamic market. In order to gain a larger market share in the economy, the companies disregard applicable ethical practices. The paper would examine four big current topics in the advertising industry in this context. The studies would concentrate on ethics, competitive market, and strategy efficacy.
Advertisement Inconsistencies The ad has taken a higher note, and the motive is to drive the message to the receptors or the consumers. Celebrities are the official figures under application to facilitate the passage of information. The advertisers are profit oriented they don't consider the contradictions they implicate in the Ads. For example, in the advertisement 'Let's Move: But not with Shaq and Beyonce,' Beyonce is used in the campaign of healthy lifestyles. However, later on, she wins a contract on the advertisement of Pepsi which amounts to about $ 50 million (Sifferlin, 2013). She appears on screens advertising the brand. With children, conceptualization of information is challenging. Therefore, in such cases, it will resolve to contradictions to children. Furthermore, the brand owner Shaq participates in the healthy eating habits campaigns. However, later he produces a drink that contradicts his stand, which has high levels of calories contrary to healthy living lifestyles. In the article on commercialization by Ruskin, and Shor, (2005), he explains the adverse effects of marketing and how it affects the public by making impromptu decisions. It is evident there is no concern for the general welfare of the consumers and the companies intentions are to entice the products in the advertisements to win more clients (Ruskin & Shor, 2005).
Children as Consumers in Advertisement
Advertisements have different targets of people to whom they wish to deliver the message. In the instance where the consumers are children, some issue needs to be put into consideration. For example, in the Youtube channel of video, it contains ads that promote various food variables. The company was to answer to the food trade commission due to the shortcoming in their advertisements. The rationality of the enterprise is that the parents can regulate the types of ads that get to the video. However, the children cannot. Children's understanding of such concepts on the difference between the games and ads is weak. They are therefore subject to adopting what's seems trending in their channels. Some of the food beverages are not healthy for the child, therefore, results in making wrong uncontrolled choices. Furthermore, children look up to celebrities, and they want to be just like them. Therefore, when Beyonce makes other advertisements besides healthy eating habits, they will take that. However, the commercials and the ads agencies have no control on the type of advertisements the celebrities should represent therefore it's a challenge because the stars are driven by the motive of profit making.
Adverse effects of Corporations on the Public
Marketing agencies recognize their power and the ability to influence the decisions of the consumers. It is thus for this reason that the companies are willing to make very expensive investments in the advertisements. Agencies us channels like the televisions, movies or application to get a hook to which they will attach the notice. For example, YouTube goes an extra mile to module an application for children that are used to make the ads reach the children more quickly (Kang, 2015). The corporation they have no concern on whether the products have adverse consequences to the consumer, on the contrary, they target the raise of sales. It is for this reason they even go an extra mile to install the screens in the schools to facilitate the advertisements.
Gary, and Juliet, (2005), enlightens the public on how corporations have adverse effects on the public on the kind of choices and preferences they make. Furthermore, the agencies have no concern for environment sustainability, and they can use anything to make their advertisements outstand others in the industry. For example, in the article, 'Is Nothing Sacred?' it is evident the advertisers are using, all the surface and the spaces, screens, and songs to facilitate the trade of information (Gary, & Juliet, 2005). For example, in the electricity poles, personal space and any open space is underutilization to enhance the advertisements. Additionally, in the emails, spams, and advertisements attachments are an intrusion that is not desirable. It has called for the government intervention because the agencies seem not to comprehend which grounds they should not exceed. In the fax calls, the ads had extended the limits until the federal government created a ban on that.
Aggressive Move of Advertisements
Ads have become too aggressive and therefore have taken formats that lead to intrusion. Thanks to technology which enables the consumers to step ahead in the elimination of the unnecessary advertisements. The government has also joined hands to help avoid the nonrespectful interruption of personal boundaries. Technology contributes to screen out all the undesired emails and ads that attach in browsers by the aid of software. The aggression is more vivid to the extent that the Shaq promoter does not mind his contradiction. Beyonce too gives no concern to the fact the Pepsi contract contradicts the First Lady initiative of non-Obesity healthy lifestyles (Sifferlin, 2013). Furthermore, the Walmart and the Toy star are willing to install televisions in the schools to ensure the objective of advertisement is met. Furthermore, the corporations make payments to add a hook to famous songs and movies to make their products known. According to Formichelli, (2003), the companies are leaving no chance to any available space in a view to making their product known. The YouTube Company is using the modeled app to make advertisement on junk foods to children. All the above examples depict the extent of aggression by the companies and organization to market their macherndise to the public. Although the aggression is an intervention to facilitate increased sales, it has some adverse effects to the public.
To sum it all, the advertisement agencies have gone beyond the desired limits. The intention of the companies is to expand the market share by winning the attention of the consumers. However, the new direction the advertisements have taken place have brought a paramount issue that affects the public in adverse ways. For example, the children are caught up in dilemmas on which are the right direction to follow. Besides, the consumers are under exploitation in commercialism where the corporation use the weaknesses of the clients to win their attention and change their choices in the market even when the consumption of the product has minimal value addition to the consumer.

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