Advertising Copywriting for IKEA Furniture Store

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The IKEA furniture store basically has the belief of togetherness within its members. Based on the strong trust that every member upholds to one another, they tend to be close to each and every workforce as they pull one another to work together. As such, advertising their store involves many people, and thus, contributes to the proper delivery of goods and services. Basically, the tone becomes neutral to attract the attention of more customers. For example, the furniture consists of the variety of colors that includes grey, red, blue, and even white (Perrey, Freundt and Spillecke 2015, p.39). The furniture, on the other hand, can have a better decoration that will help influence more customers (Moriarty et al. 2014, p.68). Further, this may include having different colors designed in the middle of the furniture. For instance, our furniture has unique colors, we even have furniture with more than one designed color on their surfaces, this includes furniture with a black color at the bottom, white color at the middle and yellow color at the top.

The Managers within the store portray leadership values to the members through setting up good and moral examples for other co-workers to follow. Basically, when making advertisement on certain furniture, the leaders will use a cool tone to alert the buyers of their products. For example, our store has furniture with the best materials that are durable. Such will attract the customers into responding positively. On the other hand, the suppliers will find it easy to speak with the buyers based on the tone employed by the manager in the advertisement. Additionally, the furniture store has the tendency of achieving the better results using the little best resources available. Basically, the value contributes to the cost consciousness and thus it lowers the prices of goods. The warm tone will help lure more customers especially when an advertisement is made. For example, our furniture has the best paints with affordable prices. Such will attract customers into buying the goods and services (Perrey, Freundt and Spillecke 2015, p.18).

Capital Copywriting

The first-round capital copywriting used by the IKEA in advertisement basically deal with the warm tone. For example, while designing advertisement the IKEA has to include the elements that will make customers smile and feel the pleasure of buying the goods and services. However, this promotes the value of goods and services, and thus, the goods market themselves to the customers.

The Urban Daddy

According to IKEA, the copyright tend to give the direct emails on the goods and services found in the store. It uses the neutral tone possible to enable the customers to understand the type and the quality of goods available. For example, we even offer warranty periods for our goods and services. Furthermore, the store uses the Moosejaw copywriting that tend to brand the goods in action that is more humorous in a way for customers Müller (2015, p.902). For example, we even have the furniture that is made of leather material, and thus attract many customers attention especially those that prefer leather goods. The copywriting consists of the appealing’s to the customers as it gives the ideal idea of the furniture in the store. For instance, we even have the adorable shoes that are actually hedgehog and durable in nature. Lastly, the store uses the Trello copywriting that tend to organize things in a manner that is more likely to attract the customers. The copywriting uses the cool tone, especially when visualizing particular furniture that is in the store. For example, our project functions distinctly to serve the interest of every customer.

Copywriting theory

The theory of copywriting cannot be overemphasized. When Pampers chose to make its brand visible, three features have been given prominence as the selling points. Content marketing is proving to be the game-changer in marketing (Percy and Elliott 2016, p.39). Many media gurus have identified the need to have an appealing content that is able to fetch good returns from the market. In order to deliver on quality, content marketers have a responsibility of curving out strategies that correspond to the taste and preference of the target audience in a bid to find selling predisposition.

Sharp Eye-Catching headlines

The first strategy involves crafting a headline that makes people want to read more concerning the content being conveyed through the advert. IKEA Furniture Store has quite catchy headlines even in its website such as Qualified Products at Low Price, meaning that nearly everybody would be attracted to buy furniture from the stores as it guarantees two things: Quality and favorable prices (Perrey, Freundt and Spillecke 2015, p.28).

Polished Writing Skills

The second attribute is the use of correct words that are carefully chosen, with impeccable grammar and punctuation.  The content should border ease to read, should be simple enough for one to grasp what it entails without digging deep into meaning that may lead to misinterpretations.

Awareness of User Experience

Copywriting for content advertising usually involves incorporating awareness of the people, based on the experience they are having. Copywriters for Pampers have mastered the art of SEO, Web Design among other important tools for crafting an appealing graphic design (Rossolatos 2015, p.41). The end result is that users want to associate with the brand more, as the experience is worth yearning for a repeat.


Marketing involves using analytical skills to be able to meet your target. Copywriting requires some level of skills and specialization to be able to deliver on the content that captures attention as well as help in shifting loyalties from competitors.

The use of radio advertisement involves voice over, within the given radiofrequency. IKEA Furniture Store has used of celebrity personalities to reach out to potential clients. The choice of celebrity help in making people identifies with the personality and makes a purchase.  During Valentine Season, for example, the radio advert used Valentine Special Offers as a rallying call over

Valentine is here, so is IKEA

*Celebrity Sound calling on people to take advantage of a great discount on offer!*

(Sound of bells)

Happy Valentine, the best furniture store in town has a great discount for your loved ones (tone increases} with a break with a love song

The selling predisposition in the above case utilizes the best approach towards rallying people to hurry while stocks last, also to be upbeat about the valentine day.

From strategy, many customers who have always yearned for such an opportunity are encouraged to plan on the shopping list on furniture’s that they can gift their loved ones. Hence, it becomes easy to make reservations through the online platform.

The use of voice over the ad makes it be legitimate, meaning that it gets an endorsement from the presenter. The music break is meant to bring the listeners attention back to the content while embracing the advert over it.

Figure 1:IKEA AffordableOffer

The radio prompt kick starts with the images of two adults awed by what they could be seeing an children chuckling within the background. Then the radio advertisement takes a five second pause before the advertiser comes out describing the amazing discounts that IKEA has on offer. According to Müller (2015, p.899),the mantra that all the items that are sold in IKEA are affordable for the entire household and the capability of each household member to access to a suitable product is the epitome of the advertising that has been presented.

As such, the product can be described better based on the strategic theory. The strategic theory asserts that an organization needs to take up the direction that the decisions that are taken up by any company needs to be in tandem with the objectives and mission of the company (Moriarty et al. 2014, p.85). The major objective of IKEA is to offer household products that are of high quality and affordable to all. As such, pricing strategy is a major goal that is utilized by the company to ensure that they have ease of reach to their market base. In alignment with the theory, IKEA also banks in the provision of wide array of products that are likely to be of interest to their target base. The items are briefly discussed in the 45 second radio advertisement with the audience affirmed of the ease of access to the products offered by the company through online channels.

IKEA is the copyrighted name and brand image of the company that is under analysis. Terming of the name IKEA creates a perception to the client base on the nature of goods that they are likely to expect and the comparative pricing. IKEA is largely known as an online furniture store that has an online presence throughout the world and sells relatively cheaper products.


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