Advertising in Sport

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The above picture is an example of a great advertisement. It is an advert of Porsche 1000Kms De Spa. It is an excellent advertisement for some reasons. First, the poster contains only three letters and a big and clear image of the Porsche being advertised. This is a win for the advert as the main aim of putting it up is illustrated. Secondly, the poster has an excellent mix of colors. The marketing team for this advertisement came up with yellow and bright orange contrasts, followed by a black and white background of the car. This is meant to catch the attention of the customers. The photo of the car that has been used is also perfect as it gives the illusion of a racing car. The advertisement is also an eye catcher through the use of the three words ‘SPA’. The words are meant to try and bring the impression of racing. The fact that the words are so significant means that the car being advertised is very fast at racing.

The above picture is an example of a bad advertisement. Usually, the primary aim of an ad is to convey a specific message to the target audience. This example is an advertisement meant for meat promotion. This advertisement is not appealing to the target audience. Therefore, it will not grab the attention of the customers. The presence of the pig chopping itself off is what would make people not to purchase the meat product being advertised. This is a bad advertisement as it loses the appetite of the people, instead of winning it. The ad also lacks creative strategies which are meant to capture the attention of the customers. There are no writings which show the customer what it that they are purchasing. This advertisement has also failed and is a bad one because it is very dull. Use of dark colors in an advertisement makes customers not notice it and hence, the sale of the product being advertised will be low.

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