Aldo Leopold's Sand County Almanac and sketches here and there

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The narrator meant that humans are bound to the ground and would most likely leave a trace as a result of their various practices. Everything that the sun has supported to rise can be brought down by saws and axes (Leopold, 1949). The sun and light are essential components in the development of plants and trees because they provide energy through the photosynthesis process. Cutting down trees would have a negative impact on the climate and weather for future generations. The sun will rise, but there will be no plant to help it flourish.
The mighty fortress enhanced educational benefits in the woodlands and forest, as well as unexpected biodiversity. It would play an important role in promoting advantages of diseased trees. However, the dead trees diseases would be transmitted or transmuted to the animals and insects feeding on their leaves. The insects move the tree death causing organism from one falling to another. Other wildlife depends on tree diseases to extract fat grub from the heart of the wood.

3. The passenger pigeon extension was purely out of ignorance from the American community. The government should have instituted land ethics to include usage of land, plants, animals, plants and water bodies. Land ethics could not have altered the reducing numbers of the birds. However, it could affirm the rights to continued existence of the pigeon even in their least of numbers in various spots in the natural environment.

4. After the observation he probably recorded observations and developed a hypothesis that described the function of flowering part. Another hypothesis is to determine factors affecting the flowering process in the two settings. What are dynamics of flowering plants during the other months of the year?

5. Habitat fragmentation is the discontinuities in organism living their favorite habitat thus causing decay in the ecosystem (Falcon-Lang, n.d). The statements indicate that species depend on each other for survival. The living things in ecological system rely on one another. Learning about the environment will help human beings to acquire knowledge and responsibilities towards toward valuing and preserving the natural habitat.


Falcon-Lang, Howard. (n.d.). Rainforest collapse triggered Pennsylvanian tetrapod diversification in Euramerica. Rainforest Collapse Triggered Pennsylvanian Tetrapod Diversification in Euramerica.

Leopold, A. (1949). A Sand County almanac, and sketches here and there: With other essays on conservation from Round River. New York: Oxford University Press.

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