Alice walker's "Everyday Use"

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When I grew into a responsible adult, I began to ask myself questions like, "How much control do I have over the world and my surroundings?" Many of us in western society feel that we adhere to our guardians' earthly views, looking no deeper than they do, with any gaps being just transient. Maggie admires her younger sister's tenacity in pushing her surroundings and those around her to play to her tune. The planet, like each of its people, is one-of-a-kind. and so is everyone one of its inhabitants. In school, for instance, all children have their own unique identity, and that has a significant impact on how one responds to everything that happens around them.
Some of the classmates I have come across had a significant impact on me and were ready to go beyond the limit to influence everything and everyone they come in contact with. Not all of the influence I experienced was negative, but in some cases, the benefit of such impacts is doubtful. Our quest to conform and be like the majority can be both a curse and a blessing, similar to Dee’s case in the novel. Many of us have misinterpreted exposure to the world and education as a means of saying that our culture is outdated and has nothing of importance to offer to this generation. However, this is a falsehood, and although we are afraid to confront it, most of us know it. Fighting the reality of our culture has no added value as what it instills in the human being cannot be substituted by education or any other thing.
As seen when Dee returns home, she wants to feel a part of her heritage, but she had been pushing it for so long that now she wants to do it for all the wrong reasons. By the end of the day, one feels more enslaved and helplessly trapped as allowing peer influence to take charge is more of abandoning their culture and swaying with the wind. Like most people of our generation do, Dee steps out of her family and rather than utilizing her privileges and luck in education and exposure to support as a Black for all the right reasons, she turns it into more of a showoff by fetishizing her family’s cultural quilts. Her changed dress code is a symbolism of what most of the young people turn about to be, and little do we know that we are deviating from, what is of importance to us, and what kept our forefathers intact for that long. Like what Maggie feels, I think that conforming to the sophisticated ways seems more appealing, and all we want to copy is already known and well-developed. Still, what we tend to forget is that we should be ourselves as there is no one identical to the other.
Assuredly, Dee is a replica of modern society at large and the young people who despise their culture for no good reason at all, and when they realize its importance, it becomes too late for them to integrate and incorporate it thoroughly. Ultimately, every person lives on his/her own, and therefore, it is essential to live in accordance to what brings pride to oneself.

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Work Cited
Walker, Alice. Everyday use. Films for the Humanities and Sciences, 2004.

August 31, 2021

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