All in the family: When a journalist’s spouse creates a conflict of interests.

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The story described for the current operation is "All about the Family: When a journalist's partner causes a conflict of interests." As a reporter, I'm going to take five measures to cover the news. The first step is the definition of the condition.
In a number of cases, the journalist's partner often faces a possible conflict of interest.
As a writer, holding off reports that could lead to conflict of interest is worth remembering. To achieve the current worth, I would set high expectations by avoiding reporting my wife's tale in order to avoid the appearance of a conflict of interest. Principles
To avoid spouse conflict of interest as a journalist, I will always maintain a professional connection by conducting my journalism activity in the most professional manner without showing interest to the member of the family. Furthermore, a journalist is always allowed to excuse him/herself from covering a story which has a high likelihood of generating conflict of interest. The presented move upholds Aristotle’s golden mean principle which indicates that a moral behavior is the average between two extreme behaviors. Furthermore, the fact that a journalist avoids conflict of interest by excusing him or herself from covering a story that may result to a conflict of interest satisfies Kant’s categorical imperative. Apparently, the action is motivated by the desire to behave morally by avoiding conflict of interest.
When it comes to the issue of conflict of interest in journalism, my loyalty will always lie within my profession. Evidently, to maintain professionalism, journalists are required to behave in an ethical manner without considering personal interests.
Justified conclusion
Maintaining my loyalty to my profession always ensures that my ethics and integrity remains intact. Evidently, the journalism career requires the journalists to always do the right thing especially when the issue of conflict of interest arises.

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July 24, 2021

Business Sociology

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Value Conflict Journalism

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