America's Gun Violence

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There have been several incidents of gun violence in America recently. According to statistics, about half of the American population owns a rifle, either lawfully or unlawfully. According to a new survey, nearly more than 250 million US people own a pistol for a variety of reasons (Cook and Jens 10). The elevated rate of gun ownership is correlated with constitutionally guaranteed rights. The Second Amendment of the United States states that “a well-regulated Militia, being vital to the protection of a Free State, the freedom of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” As a result, the federal constitution grants every person the freedom to possess weapons for self-defense. Guns in America are used for various purposes which include self-defense, hunting, and sports or target practice. According to Kleck (25), a study carried out depicted that 74% of the people use guns for hunting, 65% for self-defense, 21% for gun collecting and 40% for sports practice. However, the cases of gun violence have significantly increased over the past year thus instilling fear and victimization among the innocent citizens (Kleck 27). Firearms are extensively used in open places by even the youths for senseless and selfish acts. Averagely, at least one person is killed as a result of the use of arms in each day across America. Therefore, the issue of gun violence in the US is becoming a national epidemic and necessary regulations ought to be put in place to mitigate the occurrence of such events. The debate on guns violence has become overwhelming across the American boundaries. For instance, proper regulations on possessing guns should be put in place to minimize mass shooting as a result of firearms ownership. By so doing, there will be a significant promotion of peace through minimization of fear, disarmament as well as improvement of human dignity. This essay aims to evaluate guns violence in America.

For instance, statistics depict that gun violence in America is substantially increasing at a higher rate. In fact, the country is among the top nations associated with gun violence across the world (Gabor 41). Approximately more than four hundred individuals die every year as a result of gun violence incidences. According to a study carried out, it is evident that the number of individuals killed as a result of gun violence is increasing. According to a survey by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 406, 496 individuals died between 2001 and 2013 as a result of gun violence (Wintemute et al. 508). Additionally, three hundred and twenty-nine individuals were killed in 2015, four hundred and thirty-two were murdered in 2016 while at least three hundred and forty-six individuals have been killed in 2017 as a result of gun violence. Indeed, the statistics depict a tremendous increase of the figures associated with gun violence. Besides, the passing of the second amendment has resulted in the increased prevalence of the firearms-related crimes. People with guns get opportunities to shoot and kill innocent citizens without any fear of intimidation as the law protects them. According to the Congressional Digest, most of the recent shootings are associated with young persons. For example, the gun violence case of Ohio University raised a global concern on whether university students should access guns as well as whether students should carry weapons in schools. Similarly, there were several gun violence during the reign of Barack Obama between 2009 and 2017. At least more than one hundred and sixty-two murders occurred during the reign of Obama's while only twenty killings happened during the reign of George Bush thus depicting that the incidences of gun violence are increasing at a higher rate (Wintemute et al. 509). Consequently, the costs associated with gun violence as so high since they involve massive deaths and severe injuries. Therefore, proper use of guns, as well as appropriate control and monitoring, should be enhanced to reduce the impacts of guns violence.

Since the 1990s, gun violence in the United States of America has been a big challenge worrying many citizens. Many years ago, gun violence had specific issues that cannot be likened to what is happening in the current society. Although the violent events that occurred were sad and shocking, the ongoing incidences seem to occur frequently contrary to what used to happen before. Their impacts are very severe due to substantial costs associated with the occurrences. In fact, gun violence has become an international crisis thus it necessary to fix the problem before the situation worsens (Gabor 46). The many incidences of firearms violence are associated with deaths of innocent citizens. The technological advancement of guns has progressed rapidly over the years thus making weapons more efficient and available. In the recent two decades, America has experienced deadly shootings which claimed lives of many citizens. For example, Virginia Tech gun violence claimed lives of 32 people, Columbine incidence left thirteen people dead, and Sandy Hook elementary asserted lives of twenty-six individuals. However, the US challenge on gun violence goes beyond mass shootings. For example, more than a hundred thousand people are shot every year; eighty-six deaths occur daily as a result of gun shootings, thirty people are murdered every day while fifty-three people kill themselves. Therefore, the statistics show that there is a need to control gun use in the US (Moorhouse and Brent 106). Notably, the violence is as a result of selfish and senseless acts of individuals who want to cause harm to others. Henceforth, gun violence in the US is merely a national epidemic which needs to be looked upon to ensure the safety of humanity thus enhance human dignity (Gabor 36).

Remarkably, studies depict that many violent behaviors especially gun violence in America have increased among the adolescents and the children. According to a study carried out by the department of education and the department of justice in the US, it is evident that gun violence in public schools has increased from 71% to 81% mainly between 1999 and 2004 (Gabor 42). Additionally, violence has increased significantly not only in the urban centers but also in the rural areas. Over the recent years, there have been more cases of young adults and children engaging in gun violence. More concerns have been raised on how citizens can live a safe life with the increasing incidence of guns and related violence across America. It is shameful to reveal that almost each day cases of gun violence in both hometown and other parts of the world are increasing at an unmeasurable rate. Currently, there are so many debates concerning guns laws and how to control and reduce incidences of gun violence in America. Consequently, the cases of gun violence would be reduced hence enhance the safety of all citizens as well as promote human dignity (Moorhouse and Brent 103).

On the other side, opponents of gun violence argue that the disorder is not caused by the increased rate of prevalence of firearms. However, the incidences are caused by the unregulated use of guns. There is a famous statement that majority of people use that "Guns do not kill people, but people kill people." Therefore, arms do not contribute to violence, but rather people should be responsible. In fact, it is people who contribute to gun violence. Additionally, regulation of firearms would not prevent people from accessing guns. For instance, American citizens have the right as given by the constitution to own firearms even in public places. Additionally, any law passed to minimize and control gun ownership is deemed to violate the second amendment. According to Cook and Jens (10), at least two hundred million citizens in America own private guns either legally or through illegal means. Citizens have no fear of victimization on gun possession. Also, in America, weapons are widely used for various purposes. According to Kleck (25), a study carried out on the multiple uses of guns indicated that 74% of the citizens use guns for hunting, 65 percent use arms for safe protection while 40 percent use firearms for sporting activities. Therefore, it is evident that weapons are not only used for self-defense. Thus, most of the incidences of violence associated with the use of guns should not be based on the use of arms and neither should it be blamed on the availability of firearms. Indeed, the incidences of gun violence should be associated with people. However, despite the fact that many people argue that guns violence should be related to the availability of guns, studies have shown that the increased prevalence of guns in America has increased the rate of gun violence. According to Gabor (138), the availability of guns in the rise in society the rates of violence.


In summary, gun violence in America is increasing at a significantly higher rate, and therefore policies should be adopted to control and minimize the cases of violence (Gabor 46). The circumstances of children, as well as young adults engaging in forearm violence, are increasing. Remarkably, the second amendment that gives American citizens rights to own a gun is significantly contributing to the increase of firearm possession. According to the law, citizens have a right to own guns, and anybody in the society should not infringe their right. By so doing, individuals find it easy to use guns without any fear thus increased the rate of violence in the US. On the same note, studies show that more than half of the American citizens own firearms either through the legal means or illegal methods, therefore, increasing the rate of violence (Cook and Jens 10). In fact, gun violence is a national epidemic in the United States of America. Currently, US is ranked among the nations that experience a high number of gun-related violence cases across the world. While other people argue that the existence of guns do not contribute to increased incidences of gun violence, studies have shown that the increased freedom of owning guns in the US has resulted in increased rates of gun violence (Gabor 138).

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October 20, 2022

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