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Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Parkinson’s diseases Differences

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Section 1: Comparing and contrasting ALS and Parkinson’s disease
This area contains a description of the differences and similarities between ALS and Parkinson’s disease. They are similar, in that, they are touchy in stressing misfolded proteins and reducing reprocessing of toxic proteins which unfold to the neurons intensifying the ailment.
Section 2: Signs and Symptoms of Parkinson’s and ALS
The section contains the signs and symptoms and symptoms of each disorder that assist the doctors in coming up with the integral tests to confirm the existence of the disease. Some of the signs and symptoms for Parkinson’s include; tremors, a stiffness of muscles, strain in standing and walking. While those of ALS include; inaudible speech, surplus saliva, wasting of muscles among others

Section 3: Causes of Parkinson’s and ALS diseases

The section contains a description of the causal factors of each of the diseases. Some of them are under further research to confirm whether or not they are the exact causes of the diseases. These include the genes and environmental factor for Parkinson’s and immune system attacking the nerve cells and environmental factors for ALS disease.

Section 4: Diagnosis and Treatment and ALS and Parkinson’s

The section contains the process applied to confirm the existence of any of the two diseases and the medication that can be used to treat the disease. The two diseases have no permanent cure but doctor advice on ways that can be applied to manage the conditions to prevent their advancement and to increase the life expectation for the patient.

Section 5: Risk Factors and Problems for Parkinson’s and ALS disease

This section contains a description of factors and conditions that increase the chances of acquiring the diseases and the problems brought about by the existence of the diseases in a patient. These include; age, gender, family history, environmental pollution, genetic mutation, among others for Parkinson. Risk factors for ALS include; exposure to lead, military services and smoking.

Section 6: Work Cited:

The section contains a list of sources used in the preparation of the paper.

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