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I have really wanted to study at University X. I am an international student from Qingdao, China, where I spent the majority of my childhood and loved the city's scenery. Since childhood, I've wished to become famous by assisting society in overcoming the obstacles that mankind faces. I am particularly interested in working in the financial management industry to solve the economic challenges that businesses face on both the local and global levels.
Several reasons have led me to believe that a college degree is important for those seeking a better life. My quest for education at your institution is primarily driven by the need to acquire adequate knowledge and skills to create the opportunity for secure employment and learn to manage the daily affairs, which is critical for a comfortable and successful life. Initially, I had mild desires to proceed with my education in NOVA; however, after the completion of ESL, my desires increased after my aunt, who is a certified public accountant, provided me with the prospects about the field. In particular, I felt it is necessary to major in accounting and transfer to University X. A chance to study my area of interest at University X will contribute significantly to molding my team spirit and obstinacy towards improving my ability to tackle the daily affairs and professional issues. I am an optimistic and diligent person who can solve problems astutely and overcome the challenges that the people face in the business environment. Furthermore, my professors always perceive me as an organized, reliable, and dependable individual who effectively undertakes his roles in correspondence to the instructions.
The surveys rank University X number 77 among the top 100 "Best Undergraduate Schools," and the accounting major is recognized as one of the top bachelor degrees. At University X, I would have an opportunity to learn tax accounting, professional responsibilities, and ethics, all of which will contribute to attaining my academic goals and starting a successful career. Besides, at university X, through the Accelerated MS in accounting, I would have the opportunity to earn MS and BS in 5 years, thus laying a strong foundation for my future career. In addition, the ambient location of University X in the Washington D.C offers me the chance of securing internships in the companies from Fortune 500 list as well as other recognized corporations. Notably, such opportunities in the city will stimulate me to develop in the career and find a proper place in the job market. Undoubtedly, individuals and companies perceive the US as one of the countries that have highly developed learning institution; therefore, I desire to learn in one of the best universities in the world and become an influential specialist in the management of financial issues.
Learning is crucial being not only a lifelong process but also a critical necessity for the humanity to navigate the overarching challenges that people face in various aspects of life. In consideration of different facilities and the qualified tutors at university X, I am certain that I will manage to deepen my knowledge of accounting principles by pursuing the undergraduate degree. Mainly, the resources within University X will play a critical role in enhancing my future career as an accountant, and, given the chance, I will be determined to use them to the highest extent. Besides, I look forward to using various opportunities that the institution offers to students to enhance the analytical thinking, employable skills, and interpersonal abilities to gain a competitive advantage in the job market. I am optimistic that the university will consider my application and help me realize my dreams.

January 20, 2022




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