An Analysis of the Leadership Trends That Will Shape Organizations In 2018

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Communication is the process by which information is exchanged between individuals. Articles in different publications contain information about current events including politics, business, leadership, obituaries, advice, lifestyle, sports, weather, and arts. Effective communication requires the dissemination of factual and objective information that addresses a certain specific issue. This paper is an analysis of the Leadership Trends that will Shape Organizations In 2018 article in the Forbes publication and other perspectives on the same issue.

Leadership Trends that will Shape Organizations in 2018 is an article that was written by the Forbes Coaches Council on the 30th of January, 2018, in the Forbes Publication. The article states that there is no specific or correct way of being a leader. It states that everyone who steps into a leadership or an executive role has their own way of influencing and guiding people. Every leader should be able to assess and understand what works best for their team or organization. An excellent leader knows when to change and adopt a new leadership strategy as this is determined by the changing demands of the modern workforce. This article, however, through insights into the most appropriate trends brought forth by the fourteen members of the Forbes Coaches Council, has some guidelines on the most successful leadership trends.

First, it states that creating the most legitimate relations could come about by encouraging all employees to be brand ambassadors. It talks of inclusion and diversity, affirmative action on potential and women leaders, accountability through leading by example and having a firm stand in political and social issues such as immigration and refugee issues. Moreover, it states that customer-focus, human capital investment through purpose fit, regular training, flexible schedules, individual growth, and protection from any kind of harassment are key to effective leadership. In general, the objective of the article is to communicate on leadership approaches that increase productivity and to encourage leaders to walk the talk and focus on what is best for their teams.

The article relates to how investing in organizational culture is integral to creating a good workplace environment. It has objectively communicated on a universal issue and maintained that leaders are free to choose what works best for them. People might view the content as well as informed and placed in a cross-cultural and diverse modern world since it lays focus on gender issues, diversity, and inclusion as the proponents of good leadership. Irrefutably, the article is informative and reader-friendly since it has touched on most of the aspects of life such as work-life fit and personal development. It also has a clear date on when published and the authors; this affirms to the reader whether the content is recent or old.

Informative articles attract a variety of readers, and thus, factual information that is unbiased goes a long way in making an article helpful to its audience. For example, the Leadership Trends that will Shape Organizations in 2018 article is based on facts and its content has been referred from credible sources.  This means that it has the potential to influence the target audience to adopt such leadership trends. Moreover, the topic resonates well with the content of the article. Still, it is written in simple and easy-to-understand grammar, in small paragraphs with a legible font since most readers enjoy reading short and precise texts. In communication, the style of writing is as important as the content of the article since the first outlook can attract or put off a reader.

Looking at how the modern environment has changed and diversified; more unpredictable and complex, leadership skills need to be sharpened and fall in place. Investing in the vertical development of the employees ensures that they will have a high self-esteem and reach a point of self-actualization (Petrie 12). Moreover, innovation of leadership methods reduces redundancy and keeps the employees motivated. Assertive leadership exudes an emphasis on the importance of teamwork, investing in human capital and satisfied employees in increasing productivity. In my opinion, every leader with an executive role ought to lead by example; mainly by being a good influencer and aligning every employee to the roles that suit them the best.

The article would have included real-time statistics of organizations that have used or neglected modern leadership trends in terms of output or customer satisfaction. Numerical illustrations have a way of affirming what is written, and also has a higher chance of effectiveness and thus, informative. Likewise, it would have included pictures of a healthy workforce or a leader at play so as to add gist to the content of the article.


Leadership in a constantly changing world can be a complex endeavor but according to the information above, following a few effective leadership trends can increase productivity. Such includes leading by example, investing in human capital, enforcing leadership policies, flexible schedules, encouraging self-actualization and purpose fit, having firm stand on sensitive social and political issues, constant training and education for knowledge, and general motivation. Focusing on universal topics increases the palatability of information and reduces stereotyping. It is essential to communicate in a language which talks to a diverse audience for effective communication.

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August 01, 2023

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