An epiphany

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Epiphany is the revelation that something has been going on for a while but you couldn't say and it didn't make sense right now. This scenario sometimes arises when they weren't paying attention while the incidents were happening, but instantly a minute of paying attention helps them to realize what they couldn't before. A lot of things didn't make sense to me when I was younger and they weren't that important to me. I remember when I was just starting school and the teacher came in and asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. The question was rather an amusement to me. All I wanted to say was a villain superhero who saves the world. The reason as to why I felt the teacher was making me blush before other kids was because saying it loud and clear that I wanted to be a superhero would attract a lot of laughter and criticism from other students. Each student had the favorite hero they knew deep within the abyss of their minds was great and an inspiration to them. So, saying that I wanted to be the villain, they did not like would make them boo when I spoke, and this would not be funny at all. In order to avoid the harsh reality of the encounter, I would chuckle my fingers and look at my book so that the teacher would not insist on asking me the question.

My plan always worked, and the teacher would then pass me and pose the same question to another student, and they would answer confidently. However, the problem was that the only ones who knew what he/she said were the teacher and those who sat next to him or her. The teacher would replay the same to the class, and some would laugh. Right now, every time I recall the experience I had when I began schooling, I just laugh silently and believe that nobody would know the kind of student I was back then. Before taking my last exam that would be the determinant of whether I would join a private or a public University, the school principal convened a meeting to discuss our career goals. In the same instance of talking about goals and careers, he stated that each one of us would write down in our notebooks the careers we were planning to take at the college or university levels.

Immediately, my mind clicked back at the same thing that the teachers used to ask me in class, and I would find something to keep me busy so the teacher would skip to the next student. I thought at first of how good it would feel to be a hero who could not be put in the harm's way by anyone. Also, I thought of the divine nature of life that I would be living flying around like Spiderman, Batman, and other Justice League leaders. It felt utterly right and fulfilling to be in the position to make the world a better place o be in and human existence the best thing that ever occurred. I was happy that I would not have to be sitting on boring classes taking lessons and exams if I were a hero.

October 13, 2022

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