An Inspector Calls Inspector Goole

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In the play An Inspector Calls, J. B. Priestley portrays the character of Inspector Goole. We will look at the Symbolism of the character and its Characterization. We'll also discuss the character's relationship with the other characters. We'll consider the play's themes, but for now, we'll focus on Inspector Goole.

An Inspector Calls

Goole, the main character in An Inspector Calls Inspector Goole, is a police inspector who goes beyond the normal role. His identity as a lower class person, rather than being a member of the Birling family, makes him an outsider who does not respect social conventions. By doing so, Goole creates conflict in the play and presents questions about morality and socialism. As a result, the play is filled with ambiguity, making it difficult to predict what will happen next.

The Inspector tries to get to the heart of the social issue and does not tolerate nonsense. The family's lack of upfrontness and humility disgusts him. The Inspector tries to force them to admit to their guilt, but this only makes them feel guilty.

J B Priestley's portrayal of Inspector Goole

In An Inspector Calls, J B Priestley uses the character of Inspector Goole to highlight issues within society. He wants the upper classes to stop being selfish and become more compassionate toward the working class. Through his portrayal, the audience is given the impression that Goole is a completely unbiased figure who can influence people to change their perspectives.

The play has a powerful message. Goole could be a ghost or the manifestation of guilt. In addition, Priestley says the second inspector is important to the play.

Characterization of Inspector Goole

The characterization of Inspector Goole is quite complicated, especially when viewed from his point of view. He is both a policeman and a man of principles. Goole, however, does not always act fairly and often deceives his victims. This is a key aspect of Goole's character.

Goole's social conscience is another important characteristic of this character. His adherence to the principle of social responsibility forces him to believe that everyone belongs to a society. He is convinced that every individual has a social responsibility, and thus makes the other characters realize that they are also members of that society. By doing so, he is able to expose the hypocrisy and snobbishness of the Birling family and make them feel remorseful for their own actions.

Symbolism of Inspector Goole

Inspector Goole is a very mysterious character, and his name calls to mind the word 'ghoul,' which describes a phantom ghost or evil spirit. He is very concerned with Eva Smith's suicide, and also with the concept of society's morals. While he is not a ghost in the traditional sense, he is a ghost with a particular purpose, and we can only speculate on whether or not he really exists.

Goole also questions Sybil, the head of a women's charity. Eva asked for help from this organization, but Eric refused to provide the funds. This makes Goole wonder whether his stern words had any effect on Eva's suicide.

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